Pee Oed


It seem that Mr Walt Wawra, a Kalamazoo, MI. Police Officer and his wife visiting Calgary for the Stampede were in fear of their lives whilst out for a walk.  Two young men approached them and asked if the had been to the stampede yet which supposedly terrified the hell out of them.Wawra wrote to the editor of a Calgary paper complaining that because he couldn’t bring his gun into Canada he felt threatened and vulnerable.It is unimaginable that you would want to pull a gun on someone who merely talked to you. It is a blatant example of the paranoia that resides in the American mind. I live in a bedroom community just west of Toronto and I talk to strangers all the time as they do to me. It is the way of things. It must be awful to live where a mere Hello can trigger a “fight or flight response. If he did have his gun with him would it have ended with two young men dead on the ground in that Calgary park. This isn’t the first incident like this I have heard. A friend of mine was telling me that a few years ago a cousin, who is a New York Cop came up here for a visit and was very upset that his hand gun was confiscated at the border. He vowed he would never come here again. Good, We don’t need idiots like that coming here. Keep your damn guns at home. Maybe Wawra got confused when he saw a Mountie and thought the Redcoats were coming.  Hey numb skull we ain’t the British. 

America is truly a sick society totally addicted the the “Culture of the Gun” shoot first ask questions later. Is their government in Washington or in the Head Office of the N.R.A.? Instead of “In God we Trust” it should be “In Glock we Trust” or how about “Our Colt who art in Connecticut hallowed be thy shells.Thy lever action is great but the full auto is better.  Thy will be done by the N.R.A. here and throughout the world. Give us this day a bigger mag and don’t forget the Grenade launcher. Amen. Typical of the Americans they seem to believe that because they can do it in their own country they can do it anywhere they want to. They haven’t quite got it through their heads that they do not rule the world and there are different rules in different countries. This county has a very good rule: you don’t bring hand guns in and if you do they are confiscated and you could be refused entry. Let the Yanks shoot their own people not Canadians. 


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