Don’t let the bastards grind you down. A good philosophy  for life.This is the eleventh day of the month and for the past 3 days I have been one step ahead of falling under the grindstone. I have been a major player in the worst part of my job an eviction. A normal eviction is bad enough but when the Sheriff has to be brought in the stress and tension metres go up about 60 points. Added to that is the fact that person being evicted is an elderly gentleman not in the best of health. The only good thing about all this is the Salvation Army  have taken him in until a room can be readied for in an Old Folks Home. Now I am probably one of the most anti-religious people on the planet but I never have nor will I ever say anything against the Sally Ann. They are in my humble opinion the finest Social Charity going. Take it from an old soldier, they beat the Red Cross hands down times a thousand and I hope they are not offended by the title if they should ever read it.

I am so tired and weary of the events of the past few days that a few hours ago I was ready to fall under the grinder and be done with it. I was in the persons apartment talking to him when he lost his balance and fell hitting his head on the floor which is hardwood laid on concrete . He was just out of my reach and I couldn’t get to him in time so he hit with quite a thud splitting the back of his scalp open. Head wound bleed like hell and within seconds the blood was starting to pool. I grabbed a towel rolling it up and put it under his head to absorb the blood and put pressure on it while I called 911. Within 10 minutes the medics were there  checking him out and taking him to hospital.As I returned to my office I thought “What else can go wrong” . Right now I would like to skip this month, maybe the rest of the year but then that would be giving in and grinders would win. Well I am not going to let the Bastardes get the better of me. To-morrow is another day, the sun will rise and I will do my job and the grinder will be pushed back to wait for another shot, and there will be another shot. Life is great if you don’t weaken.


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