Pee Oed


Of all the senseless things to get killed over, an eviction notice. A Texas law enforcement officer who served an eviction notice and a civilian were shot dead near the Texas A&M Campus. The shooter was also killed. What possible excuses can be made for this latest madness. OH! I forgot the 2nd amendment the altar on which thousands  have been sacrificed and will continue to be unless it is struct down. The Yanks have brought this on themselves with having a Constitution that doesn’t evolve with the changing times. Every time I think of the U.S. Constitution I see Fred Flintstone with a slab of rock and  a mallet and chisel diligently chipping away while all around him his neighbours beat each other over the head with clubs.

For a country that claims to be a Christian Nation they sure don’t follow the commandments, Thou Shalt not Kill . That is unless someone pisses you off. So much for the teachings of their so called Lord and Saviour, but then they have a new one now. Instead of Jesus Christ it’s Jessie James, or John Dillinger and along with that they should consider changing the name of the country to ‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMOK”. Just think this is the worlds’ leading power, the touter of Democracy and Freedom, the Great Republic, ad nauseum.What the Hell is the use of condemning them, nothing will change and they will just keep plodding along in their arrogance and ignorance and wonder why they are the most disliked Nation on Earth. 




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