It is election time in Quebec and the P. Q. , guns loaded, sabres rattling have charged through the starting gate hell bent on beating the Sovereignty drums again. Every time there is an election in “La Belle Provence” we go through this crap. It must be their plan to try and wear us down, but you know what the rest of Canada doesn’t care. Go or stay make up your damn minds and put an end to it. I, for one,  am sick and tired of hearing the whining about how hard done by you are and how much better you would be as an independent nation. Go, I’m sure your French Brothers would gladly take you under their wing. If and when you go it has to be a clean break. No sovereignty association, you don’t use our money, or passport, you pay back all the money you owe Canada and you defend yourselves. All treaties must be re-negotiated and your borders return to what they were at the time of Confederation with a land bridge giving access to the Maritime Provinces. All the land ceded to you by the Hudson Bay Company would be taken away because of breach of  agreement.

Canada will lose its’ uniqueness if Quebec were to separate. They have been part of us for 250 years and admittedly things have not always been good between us. The British majority being protestant and the French being Catholic made for some pretty harsh discrimination and for a long time the French were treated as second class citizens. The 18th, 19th and 20th century are behind us now and the problems that were prevalent then are gone. Now though it seems that no matter how much English Canada is will to accommodate Quebec it never seems to be enough. This is the problem now and most Canadians are fed up with it. Quebec is either in Canada and part of Canada or it is not. The choice is theirs and they had better think very carefully if they decide to put the P.Q. Separatists back in power. The next referendum might be if Canada wants Quebec to stay or go.


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