It was announced to-day that at 2:45 P.M. Neil Armstrong , the first Human to set foot on an Extra-terrestrial body, The Moon, died. from complications after heart surgery a few weeks ago. 

At 02:56 UTC, (GMT), 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped off the Lunar Lander onto the surface of the Moon with the words “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” and became immortal. In the next 3 1/2 years there would be six more landings the last being in 1972. Armstrong was the first but he will not be the last. Although it has been 43 years since man last visited our closest neighbor in space we will and must return someday to establish a permanent settlement. The Moon is the stepping stone to the other planets and the stars. For the stars are our destiny and our destination. Humankind are explorers, seekers of knowledge with an insatiable  curiosity to know the unknown. There is little left to explore ,on our planet, except for the depths of the ocean, so it is only logical that we go up and out. Mars, the Asteroid Belt, the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn and beyond til one day we leave our Solar System and set course of Alpha Centauri/Proxima the nearest star, 4 1/2 light years away. Once we attain or exceed the speed of light there will be no stopping us. The U.S. Apollo program and Neil Armstrong were the beginning.

 There are those who would say this is all science fiction but it is not. The Human species is limited only by its’ imagination. If it can be dreamt it can be accomplished. Armstrongs’ step was someone elses dream which he helped make reality. The moon landings were part of the space race which was part of the cold war. When the cold war ended the space race became space co-operation and now we have the International Space Station and send robots to Mars and beyond. I wonder if the Wright brothers or Goddard fully realized what they were starting. 

To Neil Armstrong I say “Ahead Warp Factor 10” and watch out for the speed trap out by Vega. 


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