Quite a few years ago there was a Broadway play entitled “Stop the World I want to Get Off” and at this point in my life that is exactly how I feel. I don’t much like what is going on around this world. I live in what is considered by many to be one of the best countries in the world, but there is a problem. Actually a big problem. Our neighbour to the south. The good old U.S.A. (United States of Asininity ). It has a population of just over 314 million, of which 55 plus million are whacko, nuts, two bricks shy a full load. Actually it is much higher as that number is just the registered ones.  The proof of this is abundant during this election campaign season. If the Repulsives (oops Republicans) win this election then it is proof positive that the inmates control the asylum. Here in Canada the Conservative equate to the Republicans, but thankfully they are only one brick shy a full load. That is so far. Sometimes I swear they are out there looking for that second brick so we can be just like our nutbar cousins.

The Republican vice-presidential candidate must have studied under Goebbles when it comes to extorting the truth. Now all politicians will exaggerate and bend the truth to fit their facts, hell some of them out and out lie so when it comes to the Republican candidates’ speech last night I will leave it up to those with the intelligence to know the truth or lie of it. The Republican National Convention should be more aptly renamed the Rapacious National Convention because it is a gathering of the brainwashed (brain dead) cheering for the ultra-wealthy (Koch Bro.) and the so called religious right fundamental Christians are just as, if not more, fanatical as fundamental Muslims. It is a theatre where tales are told by idiots, full of sound and fury,  swallowed whole by the gun toting gullible troglodytes. If they are the future of American, then for the sake of the rest of the world surely the Fates will have mercy and end this farce.

The U.S. isn’t the only problem in the world, there is of course the Radical Muslims and their Islamic Fundamentalism. The Quran is the word of God and must be obeyed. Doesn’t matter that like the Bible it was interpreted by and written by men. Who after all would know God better than a man. Because of this we have the Taliban and their ilk  killing anyone regardless of age or gender who strays from the teachings of Allah. It seems they choose to ignore the part about Allah the Merciful. I wonder who is more misogynistic, Fundamental Christians, Muslims, or dare I say Mormons. The mere thought of religion makes me feel like crawling off somewhere and up chucking. Any religion has since the dawn of time had one purpose and that is to give power to a few ,and control the masses. Obey and pay your tithe or be condemned. Personally I would rather see the world run by Agnostics or Atheist that way I wouldn’t have to listen to all the God talk. In 31 days I will be 70 and for the past 55 years I have watched the world move closer and closer to the Craper so as I said “Stop the World I wanna get off” before someone flushes the damn thing.



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