Once Upon A time in the Magical Republic of Usa  some of the people wanted to elect a new leader, whom they would call President. Now the man they chose to run for this position belonged to a Religious group that believes that the Son of their God, when he arose from the dead, visited their land and preached to the natives. Now the people believed that if this Chosen One were elected he would pull out his Magical Credit Card say the incantation, BAIN, BAIN, BAIN,  and all the country’s problems would be solved and they would live happily ever after. Well if you believe that, there’s this island North of 79 that I can sell you. Quaint little spot, especially when the ice melts and Black Fly season ends.

Now to the North of this magical republic lies the once Dominion of Canada, now just Canada, where we also have a leader that belongs to another religious group but because of our system keeps quiet about it. You see in this once Dominion the people don’t care what religion you are as long as you keep it out of your politics. Now the proximity of the magical republic to the once Dominion is very inconvenient as we are literally joined at the hip. Whatever happens in the magical republic usually ends up affecting us whether we want it to or not. Which goes to prove that the Fates have a weird sense of humour putting two such different peoples on the same land mass. Before I forget there is also another group of people to the south of the magical republic that have the same problem we do. In fact a lot of the world has problems with this magical republic as they believe themselves to be anointed by this god of theirs’.

Every four years this Usa has an election to chose a leader. They gather to-gether in two separate, but barely indistinguishable groups,  call each other names and blame each other for their woes. Both groups spend obscene amounts of money and time trying to put each other down so that one side can claim the mantel of power and spend the next four years waiting and preparing for the circus to come back to town. This is fine as they are a free people and can make their own choices, the problem is, though, they think everyone else should be just like them. This means they want others to carry a gun, wave a star studded flag, believe in their god, and of course shoot anyone who disagrees with them. Because they believe they are the “Chosen Ones” they have the right to stick their noses into whatever they feel like. They fight wars because it is their duty to spread Democracy throughout the world. No matter than some don’t want their brand of Democracy. We in Canada don’t want it. We like our style of Democracy just fine. A little bit Conservative, a little bit Liberal, and a little bit Socialist. Notice the “little bit”, no extremes. Right down the centre of the road. Thank you. Once two hundred years ago when the magical republic was young they decide they wanted to own the land that would become Canada. They sent their soldiers north and though it took three years we took their toys away, spanked their asses and sent them home. Since then that have seem to be content picking on others they know they can bully. So now in about 36 days the world will know whether the Magical Republic has a new  Wizard wearing the coronet of power and if his magic is greater than the disposed Wizard. If the Fates have any honour they will leave things as they are. After all “Better the Wizard you know than the Wizard you don’t”.



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