Pee Oed


One could come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with Conrad Black, well I’m not. It is just that the mention of his name or the sight of him really annoys me. My first impression of him was that he is an arrogant, pompous, intellectual snob and over the past few years little has happened to change my impression. If this were the 19th century I would also label him Traitor but times change and that no longer can apply so instead I will merely call him a opportunist of the worst variety. He is also an ex-con having been found guilty of various crimes and sent to prison. Now Black might rail against this but the facts are the facts and under American Law he was tried, found guilty and sentenced. Like all convicts he claims to be innocent, so as to his guilt or innocence I will let wiser minds decide that. Personally one way or the other I really don’t care. What I do care about is his attitude towards the laws and rules that govern our society.

This is an individual, born to the manor with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth who believes that he is above the rules that the rest of the populace follows. Because of this attitude he considers himself to be entitled to certain privileges and special treatment that we mere commoners are not worthy of being  granted. He denied his birthright to accept a peerage, which under Canadian Law he was not entitled to. So now he is his Lordship, Conrad Black, Baron of Cross Harbour and a member of the British House of Lords. Amazing what money can buy. To me, a Monarchist this denigrates the Peerage.

He is back in the news again challenging the rules that govern the awarding or revocation of the Order of Canada. The rules state that only written arguments may be submitted to the committee but his Lordship has gone to court to demand that he be allowed to appear before the committee and present verbal arguments along with witnesses. When he renounced his Canadian Citizenship he should have been automatically stripped of his Order and why this wasn’t done is beyond me. The hubris of this person is beyond contemplation. He has even mused to the media about getting his citizenship back and what is annoying about that is under this Conservative Government he just might accomplish his goals. After all he is a graduate of Upper Canada College and a member of the “Old Boys Club” and they are all as thick as thieves. Money Talks. 


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