To leave or not to leave.

To-morrow is election day in Quebec and the people of the Province are free to vote for whichever party they choose. The polls are said to show the P. Q. (Parti Quebecois) are set to form the next government. If this is what the people want then so be it. If they also choose to hold another referendum on “Separatism” that is their right. I don’t think though, that a great many of them ,perhaps the majority, realize what a yes vote would bring about.  Since what they refer to as “The Conquest” in 1763 their language, religion, and culture have been protected, first by the British, then by Canada when they helped make our nation under Confederation. If they choose to become an independent then that protection, along with many other privileges will be lost. They will be an enclave of approximately seven million French speakers on a continent where English is the dominant language and much to their dismay will be forced to conduct most of their affairs in that language. They run the risk of losing many major businesses such as Bell Canada, Air Canada, and Via Rail as it is doubtful that these companies head quarters  would be allowed to remain in a foreign country. In fact it is very possible that along with a lot of businesses a great many people would leave. There is also the fact that the Quebec portion of the National Debt would be transferred to them and the greater part of the land would revert back to Canada as it was ceded to Quebec by the Hudson Bay Company with the provision that if Quebec should leave that land would be returned to Canada. They would no longer be Canadian Citizens and could no longer use our passport or currency and loose transfer payments from Ottawa. They would in essence, I think become a “Third World” country. There is also the prevailing attitude in the rest of Canada that if you leave then good riddance as we are fed up with your petulant whining and threats.

Now personally I would rather see Quebec stay but if they go all I can say is “Hey don’t let the screen door slap you in the ass on the way out”. When you boil it all down we should be blaming the Brits for the problems we are having with Quebec. After all they were the ones that were so benevolent way back when. Any other winner back in those days would have said submit, conform, or get out. Hell the yanks just shot those who wouldn’t give in to their ways, just look what they did to the Native Americans. Now it might not have been genocide but it was as close as damn it. When they bought Louisiana from Napoleon it was their way or the highway for the French inhabitants. Same goes for the French who live in the North Eastern border states, no concessions or special treatment. Quebec doesn’t know when it is well off. They are like the spoiled child who wants more candy and when the parent says no throws a temper tantrum. Well the way to fix that is a good slap in the butt. For too long Quebec has gotten what it wants and now the rest of the country is saying enough already the blackmail has to stop. Quebec is part of Canada or it is not, make up your minds but remember if you leave your on your own and you can’t come crying to get back in.



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