To date in Canadian History only one politician has been assassinated, D’Arcy McGees and now we have what seems to be an attempted assassination of the new Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois. As much as I disagree with Marois; politics, this is not the U.S.A. where political differences are solved at the muzzle of a gun. The one thing this country does not need is the martyrdom of a “Separatist”. Last night at the P.Q.s’ victory celebration some 62 year old male opened fire with what has been reported as an AK.47 shooting 3 people resulting in the death of one. He then paused to start a fire which gave police a chance to overpower him and make an arrest. It has also been reported that as this unidentified individual was being put in a police car he shouted out “The English are awakening”. Now the P.Q. propaganda machine will more than likely try to  make the most of this screaming how the Anglos hate the French and this is another reason to leave Canada. Well if the Anglos hate the French, which I seriously doubt, then perhaps the Separatist have brought it on themselves with their xenophobic attitudes and their intolerance to-wards the Anglos and other ethnic groups living amongst them. Surely when they look at this incident in the cold light of day they will see how much the rest of Canada abhors this attempt by some demented nut case. I for one hope he gets life imprisonment with no possibility for parole. The death penalty would be more appropriate but that was abolished.

The Prime Minister has said that this individual will bear the full weight of the law but I think he will plead insanity and be sentenced to a nice hospital where in 10 years the doctors will say he is cured and he will be set free. Of all the Provinces Quebec is the most liberal in its’ attitude towards criminals. Quebec has its own legal system, Civil Law, which is different from the Common Law practiced in the rest of Canada and seems to me to be a bit more lenient in its outlook towards crime. I don’t know that much about it as I have enough trouble with Common Law and do my damnedest to stay clear.  Thirty or forty years ago I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen here, this is Canada, we don’t do these things. We might not agree with each others’ politics but we respect them. I don’t like Conservatives yet one of my best friends is a staunch supporter and sometimes we argue like hell and call each other idiots, only to end up laughing and planning for the next set to. I would no more think of physically attacking him, let alone trying to kill him than I would my own kids. He is entitled to his hard headed misplaced beliefs just as I am entitled to my enlightened Liberal beliefs. The people of Quebec are free citizens entitled to their beliefs and politics and though you might disagree with them doesn’t mean you go around trying to shoot them. 


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