Although Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, we do not have a peerage, therefore no House of Lords in Government. Instead we have an appointed Senate, the House of sober second thought. In reality the Senate is an “Old Cronies” club whose purpose is to rubber stamp government legislation passed by the Commons. Under our Westminster type Parliament the ‘COMMONS” is the supreme power of the Land. The Government, which consists of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, and the Governor General, The Monarchs appointed representative, along with the Judiciary are accountable and responsible to the Commons.  The Commons is Parliament and Parliament is the Commons, the peoples elected representatives. Under this system the Commons, Senate, and Governor General must approve all legislation, but the Commons can override a negative decision by the other two. The Senate can and has initiated legislation but the majority comes from the Commons. Always the Commons, the people, the power in the land. The G.G. as the Monarchs representative can advise and consent but in the end it is the Commons that decides. It is a great system because it is always comes back to the people through their elected representatives. It is not a perfect system but it is one of the best yet devised. After all roughly 80 countries use it.

In Canada the biggest complaint about or system is the Senate. Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister and not elected. This means that the Political Party in power can appoint any of its’ cronies to the Senate providing there is a vacancy stacking it in their favour. Senators once appointed are there if they choose until they are 75 years old at which time they retire with a very substantial pension. By appointing this means that the party in power can reward any individual who has substantially helped, donated to,  or furthered the party’s political agenda. This can be anyone from a millionaire businessman to a journalist. At one point long ago under a different system a horse got appointed to a senate. We do not need a Senate, be it appointed or elected. It is an unnecessary expense to the tax payer and in some instances the position has been abused. Also it is about as useful as mammary  on a chicken. In Parliament all things are and of the Commons as it should be in any viable Democracy. Our system has evolved over centuries of experimentation and in some instances outright war and it is still changing. In England where the system was born they came up with the House of Lords, mainly to placate the aristocracy who had all the money and power during the early stages. We are well beyond that now. Especially here. We have no landed aristocracy, don’t want one, and sure as hell don’t need one. The Senate should be abolished it is expensive and from a legislative point useless. Just an “Old Cronies Club” where the party faithful and hacks can feed at the public trough and feel superior. 


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