If the U.S. were some third rate piss ant  little power no-one would give a damn about their politics and who they elected. Well we all know ,that is not the case and what scares the Hell out of me and I think a lot of people, is that someday they will elect a whacko Tea Party Republican President who will blow half the world up. After which, from his mile deep bunker, will claim that god ordered him to do it. American Politicians rant about how some radical fundamentalist Muslim leader might get his hands on the Nuclear button and start Armageddon when that possibility just might exist in their own back yard if some radical Christian becomes leader. Now I am very irreligious and know very little about any religion other than the one I was originally raised in , Catholicism. I know the fundamental tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and other than the basic moral code reject them all. I have my own beliefs and I do not pontificate about them and I expect the same courtesy from others. I also realize that is like asking the sun not to rise to-morrow. To me beliefs are personal and private. If you know a lot of people who believe as you do then it’s only natural that you gather together and talk or worship, but don’t try to stuff your beliefs down my throat. I really don’t care.

A thousand years ago everyone believed the world was flat and if you went too far in any direction you would fall off the edge. Well that never happened because much to everyone’s surprise the world was round. They also believed that the Sun revolved around the earth, guess what, wrong again. Science and logical observation had won out over superstition and everyone accepts these facts. It is now the 21st century and still people cling to the fairy tale of Creationism. Evolution is not a theory it is a fact. Our world is not 10,000 years old but 4.5 billion years old. It evolved and eventually brought forth life which also evolved. To the fundamentalist this is of course blasphemy and heretical. They turn to their religious books, which were written by men, and scream your wrong this is the word of god and he said he created the world and all in it. In the Christian world the fundamentalist hammer away with this and the most hammering is done by the American bible thumpers. It they wish to believe this and remain closed minded that is, of course their right, just stop trying to force your beliefs on others. Keep religion, all religion out of politics.

Now I am going to assume that some whacko will not become president of the worlds’ greatest military power, but then in the last century what sane person would have believed that butchers like Stalin and Hitler would have rose to power. Anything, no matter how remote is possible. Maybe aliens from another world will arrive and wipe us out because they see us as a threat to the peace and stability of the Universe. Klaatu and Gort might be entering our system even as I write.

Well the election in the U.S. will be over in November and chances are the country will continue relatively undisturbed in its’ arrogance  for at least the next 4 years.


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