What is this obsession that American Politicians, especially the Republicans have about religion and god. It seems they cannot utter a sentence without inserting a reference to this mythological creature. That’s what it is, a myth, as this creature with more aliases than you can count has been around since before recorded history as a means of explaining the natural forces that primitive humans couldn’t understand. Crops failed therefore god must be angry. A volcano erupts, quick grab a couple of virgins and throw them in god is horny. An eclipse occurs good thing we have a few hundred prisoner whose hearts we can cut out and offer because god is hungry and thirsty. A Tsunami is coming so instead of running everyone kneels and prays and drowns. Someone gets hit by lightening and everybody says the poor bugger must have really pissed god off. Even to-day  some American politicians have said that god is punishing their country because they have turned from him. Anything to get votes or money. Whose is worse the politician or the great many simpletons who believe this claptrap. Here in the True North if a politician started spouting this nonsense he would be laughed out of office. Hell he wouldn’t get elected. Religion has no business in politics so keep it to yourself thank you.

To a good many outside observers there seems to be this unhealthy preoccupation with religion among a large part of the American populace. Their firm belief that the bible is the literal word of god even though it conflicts with the reality around them shows an inherent fear of science and knowledge. Any scientific certainty is heretical and blasphemous. They are so narrow minded and blind that there is no place for fact or truth. Some states have passed legislation denouncing Evolution as a theory when it is fact and want Creationism given equal credit and taught in schools. What’s next the Flat Earth Society will be given credence and while we are at it lets go back to the Aristotle Theory of the Universe. What intelligent person could honestly believe that the Earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old, was created in 6 days and that T-Rex was a vegetarian that lived peacefully with man. I’ve held rocks from the Shield that were at least 3 billion years old and if man and T-Rex were around at the same time they would have been a rather tasty little snacks. It is amazing how the semi-educated can be so gullible to whatever cock-a-maimy tale comes along and those that perpetrate these idiocies should be run out of town on a rail. How the snake oil sellers have progressed.

We live in a world of science and technology, explore our solar system and the depths of our oceans, we have walked on our moon and sent robots to the other planets. New inventions roll of the drawing boards every day, and wonders to behold with even greater wonders ahead. With a world such as this what rational person can stay mired in the myth and superstition of the Dark Ages cowered in fear of anything different or new. If this so called god did create man then he screwed up because he gave us a brain and an inquiring mind. I once read  “That god created man so that Man could create god.” I think we screwed up also and went kind of overboard on our creation.




One thought on “THE GREAT MYTH

  1. There is a difference between saying you believe in god and actually believing in god. I suspect that most people say they believe but deep down inside they don’t actually believe. My evidence is that if they really believed that they would, for example, be condemned to everlasting damnation for sinning, then it would change everything for them. If I believed in this concept I would spend every waking moment making sure I would go to heaven and avoid hell. Most believers don’t act that way. Just my half penny worth.

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