Grousing, Pee Oed


I do not like cell phones they are in my personal opinion the worst communications device invented. They are like bacteria, everybody carries them. I will concede they have some limited good use such as in emergencies or if the land line goes down. Other than that they are a pain in the ass.

People argue that they need them, “I have to stay in touch with my family and friends or my office”,  well what did you do before they were invented. If you had to call in you used a pay phone instead of walking down the street with the damn thing glued to your ear. Which by the way is dangerous as I have watched people literally walk into walls, doors, poles, cars, and other people. A  couple of  incidents were on the news when some young girl walked into a sink hole and another walked off a subway platform. It is a damn good thing that they passed laws prohibiting there use while driving as they were responsible for a great many accidents. Every time I am out and about I see people mainly teenagers walking around with these damn things totally oblivious to the world around them gabbing or texting away without a care in the world. What is so damn important that it can’t wait till you meet your friends. Personally I would rather talk face to face than through some device. The art of communication is slowly withering, not to  mention the English Language. Whatever the language is that they tweet with looks a lot to me like ancient Sumerian. 

Now before I go any further I must admit I have a cell phone. I have had it about 4 months and made one call on it to see if it works and I have 3 emergency number programmed into it. It was sort of a family decision that I get one as I have an electric scooter that I love riding and if it should break down or I fall off it I can call for help. Other than that I don’t even turn it on. Got one of those pay as you use plans for it. Out of the $100.00 card I’ve spent about a buck. Good thing the plan doesn’t expire so that hundred will more than likely last for about 20 years. I got a text message once and as I didn’t know how to answer I erased it.

What I really hate about cell phones is how rude they makes people. You are having a conversation with someone when all of a sudden they say “Let me get this” and you are left standing there like an idiot while they talk to who knows who. What really sets me burning is that you are in a store talking to a sales person when, You guessed it ,”Let me get this”, It’s enough to piss off a pope. Whatever happened to the customer comes first? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear that some surgeon in the middle of opening someone’s  heart stopped and said “Let me get this or I have to take this call”. Which is more than likely about a golf date.  Also the looks you get from sales people if you have the gall to say ,could you stop talking and give me some service, you can see it in their eyes, like who the frak are you interrupting me while I’m on the phone. Stores should have a policy of no phone calls during working hours and all cell phones should be turned off but then I guess that is asking too much. Well my complaining about it will as usual be falling on deaf ears because they are on their cell phones.



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