Pee Oed


This morning in the newspaper I read an article about parents wanting to pull their kids out of certain classes in school because it conflicts with their religious beliefs. The paper called it “an unusual alliance of conservative Christians and Muslims” sending a stock letter demanding that teachers inform them when subjects such as , sex, homosexuality, birth control, evolution, wizardry, and environmental worship, are being taught so they can pull their children from those classes. What the Hell is going on? If I didn’t know better I swear I was living in the U.S. Bible Belt or some Islamic Republic.

These parents do not want Evolution or wizardry (which I assume is Science)and environmental worship (Environmental Science) taught to their children because it is against their religious beliefs (myths) such as Creationism. They seem to prefer that their offspring be raised in ignorance and superstition, a return to the “Dark Ages”. If this is what they want then why are they living in Canada and not some back water country where their way is the norm. Last week there was an article in the Huffington Post entitled “If you believe in Evolution, you must be Canadian” and according to it a study showed that the majority of us and Brits believe in it. Nothing really surprising there as Evolution is the only logical explanation for our existence.

It seems that there are those who would turn the clock back to the 5th century when the barbarian hordes of Eastern Europe and Asia overwhelmed civilization and plunged us in to a darkness that took 900 years to rise out of with the birth of the Renaissance. What I find perplexing is that during those times Islam was a guiding light in the Arts, Science, Medicine, and mathematics. With the invention of Algebra, and perhaps their greatest contribution in math, the simple zero, they change the world forever. Now all that great creative activity has reverted to fundamentalism and dogma. ¬†Christianity can take its’ full share of the blame as It did more to stifle and withhold human advancement in the western world than all of barbarism combined. Any idea that challenge the authority of the Church was heresy and the stake awaited those who proposed it. Now in the 21st century the Hydra of Superstition and Ignorance is stirring again straining at its’ chains in the depths of Hades, all in the name of Religion and superstition.

Seven hundred years ago the torch was relit and humanity has advance in its’ light and admittedly has stumbled along the way but always recovering and moving forward. There is a perpetual war being waged between those who would extinguish the light and those who would make it burn brighter. Between those who would hide in dogma and darkness and those who would challenge the Universe. Those groups, here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who are challenging the public education system because it does not conform to their religious beliefs have a choice, accept the system or enroll their children in private religious school but they won’t do that as they would have to pay. They will instead continue with their challenges and law suits in the hopes of forcing their beliefs on everyone else. All I can say is good luck “SnowBalls”.


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