Pee Oed


This is one of those “When I was Young” stories so bear with me. O.K.

When I was young and I went to school. No I didn’t have to walk 20 miles in the snow in bare feet to get there. I walked 2 blocks and I had snow boots. In the town I was raised in I lived on 18th street and the public school was on 20th street. It was named, ready for it, 20th Street Public School, hard to remember a name like that. Anyway I went there from grade 2 to grade 8 and the principal was Mr. Caldwell. I went to, here’s another hard one, grade 1 at 7th Street Public School. I wonder how much they paid the person who thought up those names. Now in those days I was a Catholic, even an altar boy but my parents sent me to the public schools because the Catholic one was too far to walk to. Strange because when I went to 7th Street we lived on 9th street and the Catholic school was on 10th. It had the same name as the church. St. Theresa and the boss priest was Father Carroll. His assistant Father Roberts instructed the altar boys and he was a mean old bugger. If you mispronounced the Latin he’d whack you. I hate Latin. We use to have a rhyme that went, “Latin is a language, as ancient as can be, it killed the ancient Romans, and now it’s killing me”. I remember when serving mass for Father Carroll (he was a bit deaf) during the prayer called the Creed there is a verse that goes “mea culpae, mea culpae, mea a maximun culpae, which means I’m a sinner, I’m a sinner, I’m a maximum sinner, we use to say “Me a cowboy, me a cowboy, me a maximum cowboy and Father Carroll never caught on. Good thing we didn’t do it when serving Father Roberts. There would have been blood on the altar. Any way I’m getting a bit off track here as this is about going to school in the 50s’.

Back in those days (weren’t ready for that, were you) those halcyon days of youth teachers weren’t in the profession for money. They did it because they liked it. Or so we were told. Personally I think it was the only job they could get but there were some good one who were dedicated to improving the minds of the snotty nosed little savages in their charge. Most of my grade school teacher were average. Miss Aprils in grade 2 was the beauty queen, Mr. Walker in grade 5 was also the gym teacher, and slept most of the time in the classroom. He also weight about 250 lbs. Mr. Holden in grade 6, was a sadistic bastard. He was also vice principal. Ms. Porter in grade 7, I swear she was old enough to have taught Cain and Able. Mr. Caldwell, the Principal taught grade eight. He was also the one who administered the strap unless he was absent then Holden did. Mr. Caldwell would give you 6 whacks on the hands , 3 each, with the strap where Holden would give you 8. Don’t get me wrong if you got the strap you really, I mean really, screwed up .Also you didn’t tell your parents because you’d get hammered again. All in all the teacher weren’t that bad and one good thing was they didn’t belong to any damn union. They always put the kids first and foremost. Teachers were looked up to in those days and respected. Now it’s how much money they get paid, how many days off with pay, and small classes. From what I have seen and heard they are not that much smarter than the kids they teach. They are in my opinion the Dumb teaching the Dumber. Most of the kids I see and talk to to-day are semi-literate. They can neither read nor write properly and unless it has an auto-correct they can’t spell. They need a calculator to count above twenty. Counting to 20 they can do if they takes their shoes and socks off. Boys can get to 21 if they drop their pants.

I don’t remember when teachers became unionized but boy was that a mistake. Now when they don’t get their way in a contract they strike holding the students to ransom and to hell with the public which pays their salaries. The biggest joke is when they say “we are doing this for the student” B.S your doing it because your greedy and lazy. Teacher now a day don’t give a damn about students if they did they would do their job and educated them properly. Instead they want their money and benefits and won’t be happy until the lowest paid are getting $200.000.00  for working 8 months of the year.  Perhaps a movement should be started to de-certify them so all the incompetent ones can be fired and the rest are made do their job properly.



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