Is Republican synonymous with Stupidity? Or is Mitt Romney just moronic? From what I have been reading and listening to of late makes me wonder. If the people of the United States elect him as President then I hope that the God they so fervently believe in has mercy on them. For the rest of the world won’t.

It seems to me that the man is an habitual extortionist when it comes to the truth and his running mate, Paul Ryan is in just as bad. The Mormon (Cult?) and the Roman Catholic, politics does make strange bed fellows. They either blatantly lie, lie by omission, or twist and distort the facts so badly that it would make Goebbels blush. This latest occurrence with the attacks in Egypt and Libya resulting in the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya is pounced upon by Romney and without all the facts blames Obama and his foreign policy. Accusing the President of sympathizing with the Muslim extremist and apologizing for America. Romney’s experience in foreign relations  is having lived  in Mexico, vacationing in Canada and doing missionary work in France plus making a trip to London where he criticized the Olympics. This man who believes that J.C. visited North America after he rose from the dead would be President. If the Yanks elect this nut bar they deserve what they get.

Problem is if he becomes Pres. then we in Canada also have to deal with him and his gang of fellow morons. To add to the problem he will more than likely be aided and abetted by the wanna be Republican we have for Prime Minister. Republicans and Conservative are the Bain (pun intended) of Politics. The new Robin Hoods. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. Let the Serfs do all the back breaking work and starve while, The Moneyed Aristocracy eat cake. I remember reading somewhere that even to-day Mormons are allowed to ceremoniously take other wives who will join them when they die and are transported to the Planet Kolob. One way of getting around the polygamy Laws. Why any sane person, man or woman, would want multiple spouses is beyond me. I had trouble with my ex and I know she had trouble with me.

Where do the Republicans dig up their candidates? There must be a secret cache hidden somewhere in their country. How else could you come up with people like George W. Bush, an intellectual giant (pygmy) if ever there was one. Man invented a whole new language, Bushish. Sarah Palin whose brain resides in her right baby toe and is constantly under pressure from her snow shoes. Now they have dug up Willard Mitt Romney. Is that Mitt as in baseball mitt or let us depart mitt all de gelt? This guy did missionary work. Not in some place where it might of helped the needy but in France. Jean d’ Arc must have been rolling in her grave at the thought of a non-Catholic of English descent doing missionary work in the country she helped throw the English out of. Tell me the Fates don’t have a sense of humour.

American politics, especially their Presidential Campaign is a circus the only thing missing is the Gladiators and I’m sure if they could figure a way to make that legal we would be watching them on Prime Time. To-nights’ main bout is between Mitt, the champion of the Patricians and Barrack the Plebeian Crusader, the prize an all expense paid trip to Washington and a four year stay at that luxury resort The White House. Let the games begin. 


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