The thing that I find about God and Creationism is that it is illogical and this is from someone who isn’t that big on logic. It just doesn’t make sense.  How be,  I put forth this hypothesis that in a Universe Far, Far, Away a young would be scientist with a home chemistry set cooked us up in his Moms` micro-wave. No. Well it makes just as much sense as some Mythological Omnipotent Deity waking up bored one morning saying let`s see what we can do to-day for amusement. I know I`ll make a Universe with a special planet and put creatures on it that can worship me and seeing as I`m so handsome and beautiful I`ll make one look like me and so I don`t upset the wife make one look like her. Is that better?

I believe in evolution as it is the only logical way that creation began. I admit I don’t know what started it all but I think it is entirely plausible that we are the result of some type of reaction that occurred in a bigger Universe and voila, boom, here we is. Makes more sense than someone or thing saying “Let there be”. Same goes for life. It makes far more sense to me that we are the end result of chemical and biological reactions than that same someone picking up a hand full of dirt, spitting on it to make mud, moulding it in their image and breathing life into it. I like the idea than I am made of Star Stuff because that means what is the essence of me is immortal. Energy can neither be created or destroyed just converted.

Thirteen billion years is a long time to us, so is the four and a half billion that our world has been around, but in the scheme of things, we just popped out of the womb. According to the big brains our Sun and Solar system are about half way through their life span. That is mind boggling, but if the human race doesn’t screw up royally and annihilate itself, just think what we could or will accomplish. Perhaps in a few hundred years or so we will have matured enough to realize religion of any stripe is merely mythology created by a species that when it was much younger could only explain the world around them in this way. Natural phenomena like storms and earthquakes were signs that the Gods, or God was angry and the stars were tiny holes in the fabric of heaven letting the light shine through. We have come a long way but still have even farther to go on our journey. Perhaps someday in the far distant future, if we go far enough we’ll run into that kid with the chemistry set trying to explain to his Mom how he blew the micro wave up. 


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