If you drop the first two letter in Republican you get Publican which is a person who owns a Pub. A purveyor of beer and other alcoholic beverages. The reason I mention this is that Mitt Romney seems to be imbibing in the stock and using up what profits he had. It seems lately that every time he opens his mouth he sticks his foot up his nether region. Well he wouldn’t be the first Publican to go out of business because he couldn’t keep his hands off the tap. Now I know that Mormons are not suppose to drink, so are Muslims, but I have met a few who could put it away. I worked with a Jewish chap who loved bacon and ham. For years Catholics weren’t  suppose to eat meat on Friday. In my house that rule was constantly broken. The point is lots of rules get tossed aside. I don’t care if Romney has a nip now and then. That’s his business but sometimes when he speaks one has to wonder if he didn’t have a few fortifiers before getting in front of an audience.

Romney like most rich people doesn’t know what it is to work for a living. He was born into money and that’s Ok but the vast majority of people aren’t that lucky and have to work and struggle to get by. In all the years I worked I never made more than $40,000.00 a year before taxes. There are people out there that will spend that on clothing for a month. They haven’t got a clue and sadly they don’t want to. Even now being retired my income from pensions is below the poverty line but I’m not complaining because I have more spending cash than I ever had in my working life. From what I have seen and read most Republicans have bought into the American myth that anyone can become rich if they work hard and persevere. Well that is not the case because the working people are subject to the ups and downs of the economy. How the Hell can you become rich if you have no job and the Fates help you if you are an American and become seriously ill and have no insurance. You’ll be bankrupt and have lost everything including you house just to pay the medical bills.

Romney was talking about the 47% of Americans who are victims of the government because of the social safety net. Agreed they are victims but not because of welfare but because of all the jobs that are either shipped overseas or the corporations close factories because they didn’t make ten million in profit only nine point nine. Romney increased his wealth through Bain Capital by buying up companies then selling  them off with the result of tens of thousands of jobs lost. Tell me what is the difference between Romney and his ilk to the Robber Barons of the 19th Century like Astor, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt. Neither them nor the modern day magnates give a damn about the working classes. Yet if not for them they wouldn’t have a proverbial pot to pee in. To me Republican is synonymous to Rapine, which is defined as Plundering or Robbing. The only difference to-day is Rapine is done with Politics and laws, whereas in the old days if some Lord or Chieftain wanted what you had he just took it and if you resisted you died. Just as bad but far less hypocritical wouldn’t  you say.

The money boys behind the Republican Party must be scratching their butts in perplexity, what with, first McCain and Palin, now Romney and Ryan. For the second time they have come up with candidates that forget to put their brain in gear before the open their mouth. I think I have come up with a winning team for the Republicans in 2016. Santorum and Palin. If they don’t win then terminate the party and start a new one.




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