While thinking for words to describe the United States Presidential Election I turned to my Thesaurus and immediately stopped at Asinine(extremely stupid). I could include terms such as Dumb, Farce, ridiculous, idiotic, but I think Asinine covers it quite adequately . Then what else is to be expected from a country where a great many of its’ people think Heaven is the second stop light past the moon. The first one being the By-pass to Hell.

This Circus Maximus has been going on for eighteen months or more and like the original is, metaphorically speaking, a Blood Sport. Although it wouldn’t be the least surprising if some blood actually were drawn. An American Presidential Election is reminiscent of the Auctioning off of the Roman Empire in 192 C.E. It is an obscene display of wealth,  greed and, lust for power, with the electorate the dupes but unlike the auctioning of the Empire, this vulgarity takes place every four years. It is a battle between the Patricians (Republicans) and the Plebes (Democrats) with the victor being crowned the Elected Caesar. Both sides in this game are equally to blame for this degradation of the Democratic process. For every billionaire Republican there’s a billionaire Democrat all expecting some type of reward if their side wins. All willing to bend the rules and in some instances break them to get the edge on the other. Like all politicians they will promise anything as in the example of the 1928 election where the Republican National Committee came up with the slogan “a car in every back yard and a chicken in every pot”. They have though, stopped short of promising “the Keys to the Kingdom” mainly because they want those for themselves. The point is that they will distort the truth, make false promises and short of a “coup d’état” do anything to gain power and don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen at some point in time.

The United States touts itself as the greatest Democracy on Earth yet they have a Presidential election system that is, to put mildly, Dumb Ass. They have this thing called the Electoral College, don’t ask me what it is I don’t know, anyway, how it works is this. You can get the majority of votes but if you do not get a certain number of Electoral College Votes, guess what, you don’t get to wear the crown. They vote for the individual not the party so they can end up with a Dem. Pres, a Rep. Congress, and a Dem. Senate. Cabinet members are appointed not elected so the President can appoint any of his good buddies to a Cabinet Post as a reward for their support. This is as they say all part of the checks and balances. Sounds like banking terminology  to me.

Let us not forget the Religious and Birth aspects of their political system. In order to be President you must be born in the U.S. and prove it (can’t run the risk of some foreign subversive getting in) also you must be a Christian or at least a member of a cult that claims to be Christian. No Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhist, or Hindu allowed. Colour isn’t suppose to be a barrier but it’s better if “y’als a whitey” after all a Black or Asian might also be a subversive or just as bad a Socialist. You must also swear a blood oath that you will not upset the National Rifle Association by messing with the 2nd Amendment. They want to have it possible for some idiot whose pissed off at the President, or for that  matter anyone in society, to be able remedy their situation with a bullet.  It’s the American Way.




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