My Electric scooter has been in the shop for a week getting some repairs done on it. Actually it went into the shop in Hamilton on Monday the 17th and was ready the next day.  When they called on Monday afternoon to let me know it was ready I told them I’d pick it up around 11:00 the next morning. Who the hell was I kidding. It started raining Monday night and on into Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday, and Friday between it raining and contractors showing up to do work on the building put an end to any thought of going then. Finally I finally got it yesterday. Saturday started out raining but by 10:00am it cleared and turned out to be a perfect Autumn day. My boss picked me up at 11;30 and drove me the 23 miles to the shop in Hamilton where it sat all charged up and ready to go. Even though I have 2 E-scooters, my black Dream Ryder is my baby. Picture a Harley and a Vespa  (see pic.)having a kid. It really looks cool and the proof is when I’m out riding everybody turns to look at me as I go by. Even in Hamilton where there are hundreds of E-scooters people were waving and smiling. Anyway I paid the bill which was very reasonable, donned my helmet, jumped on, turned the key and shot away from the curb starting my trek home to Oakville.

I didn’t come up with the analogy of the Harley and Vespa, a tenant did when I first got it. He saw it in the parking lot and said it looked like his sons’ Harley had an affair (not quite his words) with his Vespa. OK it’s only an Electric Scooter with a max. range of 120 km,70 mi. and a top speed of 47 kph. 30 mph. but it is transportation and it has advantages that no gas powered vehicle could even think of matching. You don’t need a license, registration, or insurance and what beats gas guzzlers is it cost less than $30.00 A YEAR to run because you just plug it into any standard 120 volt receptacle and charge her up. The disadvantages are you can’t go on the major Highways and you have to wear a certified helmet when riding and the biggest problem is people tend to cut you off so you really have to be alert when riding in traffic.

Back to my ride home. I left the shop at the corner of Ottawa and Barton West at 11:50 and proceeded along Barton right to the end at Locke St. N, turned left up to York Blvd. turned right on York and followed it over the via-ducts till it turned into Plains Rd. in Burlington. Along Plains to Brant St. where I turned right and went down to the Lakeshore another left and follow the Lakeshore to Bronte Rd. in Oakville. Right on Bronte to Marine Dr. then Home. It was now 1:10. Just 1 and 1/2 hours, including a stop at Sioux Lookout Park on a perfect fall day with the traffic not to bad and some of the scenery just beautiful especially going over the via-ducts at the end of Burlington Bay. I haven’t had a car for 13 years and until I bought my first scooter 2 years ago had to mostly rely on my boss or daughter taking me places. Now I’m mobile and can scoot all over town or go up to my daughters place without have to rely on someone else being kind enough to give me a lift. It’s Great.




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