There was an article in the paper this morning about Romney commenting on the electrical fire aboard the private jet carrying his wife.  He wondered “Why the windows in planes don’t roll down” he added something about “being dangerous because you can’t get oxygen into the Plane”. Yeah! it’s dangerous you nitwit for two reasons , one there isn’t enough oxygen at that height to breathe and if there was for some weird scientific reason fires love oxygen. Makes then burn better. This coming from a man who would be President. Boy are you Yanks in deep trouble if he gets elected.

Now I know the man has a brain. He is alive, mobile, breathes, and talks, but unlike 99.9% of normal humans I do believe that his Brain Stem, the most primitive part of the Brain, is in charge. The part that houses general knowledge seems either underdeveloped or has slipped into neutral and won’t re-engage. He is a university graduate with a B.A. ( Bugger All) in English and admittedly seems to be a good businessman but going to a university like Brigham Young seems akin to attending a Monastic Seminary too sheltered from the surrounding world. He appears ambivalent towards the Military and Veterans, speaking at V.F.W. meetings but not mentioning in other speeches the war in Afghanistan or the sacrifices American Troops are making. Then he has never served having obtained numerous deferments from the draught during Viet Nam. Amazing what having money and a Daddy who happens to be one of Nixon’s Cabinet members can do. He has stated that he argued in favour of V.N. while a missionary in France and that he agreed with Nixon invading Cambodia. Sure he did, he wasn’t getting shot at or witnessing a buddy literally disappear  in an explosion. He criticises Obama’s Foreign Policy, does this moron really want Israel and Iran to start W.W.III. and hasten Armageddon and The Rapture. I guess if you believe J.C. visited North America and the Planet Kolob is waiting, why not? It will help get rid of the pesky 47% .

While he was doing missionary work in France, which I thought at first was a joke, he helped perform 200 baptisms which was some kind of record, question is how many were dead as Mormons don’t seem to care if you’re  alive or not to be baptized. I wonder if they have some sort of group that goes around visiting cemeteries getting names off tombstones then holding a mass baptizing. Good way to get the numbers on your side and boost the population on Kolob. Am I glad I’m being cremated and tossed out with the garbage. My Mother whom I loved dearly always said I’d burn in hell so I figure I’d get the jump on it. Sorry Mitt I won’t be bumping into you on Kolob which  is a good thing because I don’t think I could handle more than one wife.

 Just think you Yanks could end up with Mitt as President. In the event that, happens I have some friendly advice for him. Mitt, if you happen to be riding in Air Force I and it gets a bit smoky just open the window, that should solve your problem very quickly.





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