Freedom of Speech is a basic freedom that any society should enjoy, but  there should be limits set upon it. Some like the Americans will scream no. It is their belief that you should be able to say what you want, when you want, where you want, and to whom you please. I for one disagree. Freedom of Speech should have some limitations and no freedom should be absolute. Absolute Freedom is Anarchy.

In Canada, unlike the U.S. we have placed “Reasonable Limits on Freedom of Speech” which pertain mainly to Hate. In private you can say what you want , in public including the internet no and this is how it should be. No person, group, or organization should have the absolute right to publicly advocate bigotry, racism, or hate against another person. group, or organization. There must be limits and those limits enforced with laws. Some argue that we have slander and libel laws but those are civil laws not criminal laws. Hatred is a crime and as such falls under the Criminal Code.

In the United States you can pretty well say or write what you want so that gives bigots, racist, and hate mongers very broad latitudes. Radio host Ann Coulter and Congresswoman Bachman are examples of this uncontrolled freedom of speech. If Coulter had a radio show in Canada and uttered one word of her vileness she would be fired immediately and if she also held a law degree here be disbarred. If Bachman were an M.P, M.P.P, or M.L.A. even with Parliamentary Privilege, spoke here pogrom against Muslims and Islam she would be expelled from her Party and barred from Parliament. Both these individuals would also stand the excellent chance of the R.C.M.P. knocking on their doors with an arrest warrant for violation of the Anti-Hate Laws. This is how it should be.

I am no paragon of righteousness, I have my likes and dislikes but I do not nor have I ever hated someone. I do not like Islam but then I don’t like any religion mainly because I consider it all bunk. I don’t like fundamentalist, radicals, republicans, conservative, die hard socialists, or stupidity  but I don’t hate them, I just think there’re all whacko. Sometimes I really don’t like the U.S., but I don’t hate it. I just wish it wasn’t attached to Canada. It is perfectly alright to have likes and dislikes it is not alright to turn the dislike into hatred. All that does is beget more ,hatred which begets… ….  that leads to violence and people die.  Any truly free society knows that with the freedoms comes responsibility and with responsibility comes limits. No Freedom no matter how precious can be absolute. 


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