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Someone I know well wrote in his blog a reference to the dichotomy if mankind is basically good or basically evil. We all recognize that we are a blend, a balance too much of either spoils the recipe. The vast majority of us, mercifully choose good but the seed of evil resides within us all. It is the beast that hides in the darkest corners of the mind, the Kraken imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus waiting for its’ master, Hades, to unlock the cage.

Evil is an integral part of our makeup necessary for our survival as a species. It is only when it is given free reign does the world and its’ people suffer. Evil has for millennia been blamed on the Devil in all his incarnations because mankind has refused to take the responsibility. It is far easier to blame evil on some mythological creature than to admit to ourselves that we are its creator. In the words from the Poppy Family song “evil grows in cracks and holes and lives in peoples’ minds” and breeds in the darkness within each of us. It is insatiable as it gorges on fear, pain, anguish, and terror and with every atrocity and foul deed committed grows stronger. Unfortunately History has proven that uncontrolled evil can only be defeated by controlled evil.

Edmund Burke said “Evil Triumphs when good men do nothing” and how true this is. Too many times in our History men in power who are considered good have turned a blind eye to the rise of evil around them. They do this out of fear, expediency, indifference, and worst of all profit. Chamberlain in 1938 signed the Munich Agreement, an appeasement to Germany because he feared another Blood Bath like WW I. As a result six years of war commencing in 1939 and over 300 million dead. The Genocide in Rwanda because so called men of good will at the U.N. were indifferent. After all it was just a Tribal thing in Africa. Apartheid in South Africa where the world sat back for years and did nothing to stop the killing of thousands. The Death Squads in Argentina and Chile. The Armenian Genocide in Turkey. All the while men who knew better turned a blind eye and deaf ear. This is not the work of the Devil this is the hand of man.

For all mans tolerance to evil, profit is the worst. Iraq under Saddam was tolerated because of oil and it was a buffer against Iran an enemy. It wasn’t until Saddam invade an ally in 1991 that he got his wrist slapped. Ten years later he was gotten rid of for something he had nothing to do with, 9/11. Through it all the world still got its’ oil and the oil magnates laughed all the way to the bank. In the movie “Syriana” an Arab Prince who wants to use the revenue from the oil to better the life of his people is assassinated because it would reduce the profits of the oils companies. Although this is fictional it is believable.

These are examples of the evil that can and in some instances does lurk in the hearts of individual men. Luckily, for humanity good is predominant as most of mankind would do no evil for the simple of all reasons they know it is wrong. Shakespeare  in Julius Caesar wrote. “The Evil Men do, Lives on after they have gone.” . Alexander, Nero, Caligula, Attila, Genghis Khan, Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin, ad infinitum. 


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