I have a Friend who happens to be an Englishman and a Conservative. Don’t ask. Suffice it to say I tolerate both because he is an good  guy. He’s a couple of months younger than me and also came to Canada at a young age and we have a lot in common, except for politics and religion. Like I said he’s a Conservative and an Anglican and I’m a Liberal and a Nothing and do I love getting him going (all in fun). I’ll get him all wound up nearly popping a blood vessel, then he’ll look at me and see the big grin spreading across my face and hear the words “Gotcha”. With that he just shakes his head and says “You Bugger”. I always apologize with “I’m sorry mate but it’s so easy to push your buttons”  My friend usually drops by a couple of nights a week because his wife won’t let him smoke in their apartment so he comes down here for a Pepsi and a few smokes. My Friend, who I will call “D” is on his second marriage and has a couple of young kids, a girl 11 and a son 6 so you can see why he doesn’t smoke at home. He also has 3 grown children in their 30s and 40s by his first marriage. Some people in the building have mentioned to me that they think it’s disgusting that he married a woman almost 40 years his junior. Like I tell them “Hey it’s none of your damn business”. It really pisses me off when people say things like that.

I don’t have a lot of close friends and it’s not because I’m anti-social it is just that I’m very choosy and always have been about letting people get close to me. I know a slew of people and they are acquaintances . There are some people I don’t like and a few I consider a waste of skin and those I steer clear of. I have never really had a best friend and never really needed one. There are not that may people I come in contact with that have the same interests as me. I love to read and listen to Classical Music. I like to write Poetry, but I ain’t  no Byron. My greatest passion is History and my friend “D” also loves History but best of all we both like a good friendly argument. Gets  the blood flowing and let’s face it at 70 you need something to get the old ticker pumping. Of course there is always sex but like I say “what I use to do all night, now takes all night to do” and there are not that many females interested in cavorting with a short, balding overweight old guy. Hell it would more than likely kill me, but I’d die smiling. To get back to my friend. Like I said he is a few months younger than me and is still working. In fact he holds down 2 jobs and shows no sign of slowing down and I say good for him. He doesn’t have to work but as he says ” it keeps him off the streets” and if he had nothing to do he’d go nuts. My boss is the same way he’d end up in a Loony bin if he didn’t keep busy. Me, I keep busy also but not so much with the physical things. When I get bored I read, and read and to change the routine I read some more.

I think the reason “D” and I get along is that even though we have much in common we are different. I mean him being English and me being Scottish, if you go by the old stories that alone is cause for opened warfare. On that subject alone I love to get him going I just can’t help myself. I have to get the zings in. Luckily we both know it is in fun. I love telling him “Hey you English can’t be that great. The Romans kicked your butts but had to build a wall to keep us from kicking theirs”. I then get a lecture on British/ Roman History to which I rebut “Yeah! Where’s the IXth Legion eh? We’re still making soup outta their bones.” All in good fun. Actually I do believe I’d miss it if something were to happen to either one of us we seem to have a good camaraderie both being ex-soldiers and proud of the fact. 


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