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Well to-day is the big day, my Birthday, and I have been told that I have reached a milestone at 70. For a moment there I thought “Hey wait a minute we went metric years ago so  we use kilometre stones but then I realized damn 70 miles is 112 kilometres”. We’ll stick with the milestones.

As is the minor tradition (started by me) because my oldest daughters’ birthday is the 24th and mine the 30th we pick a date between the two and I take my two daughters and son-in-law out to dinner. That happened last night. The restaurant I chose is at the Marina about a five minute walk from my place but I shan’t mention the name because I have a few criticisms which I will keep to myself. Suffice it to say I shan’t make reservations there again.

As always I loved being with my girls. I know, I’m biased but I doubt any man could have better daughters than my two. They are both beautiful,  intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and independent. People have asked me which is my favourite and I answer “Both, because it is impossible to choose and I would never put one before the other”. They are also very different and unbelievably close to each other. I have often thought because I love Greek History which of the Goddesses my Daughters would be and it is not difficult to choose. My oldest is ATHENA, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, Patroness of Athens, and my youngest is the easiest of all, ARTEMIS, Goddess of the Hunt and all things Wild, Protector of the Young. That’s how this Father sees his Daughters and I don’t care if it sounds crazy or people think I’ve lost it.

One of my Birthday Cards says “Celebrate the Road you have Travelled” and I have to tell you it has been one interesting road. Like all roads it has had its’ ups and downs, bumps and potholes and a few bridges washed out forcing a detour here and there, but all in all it’s been a damn good journey so far. As in all roads it will eventually end and that annoys me because there is so much waiting around the next bend. Alas, I will one day come to that cul de sac and I can only hope that I have made enough points with the Universe that at some point in the future it will reunite me with my Girls.

The only Grandfather the girls knew was my Step-Dad and he loved them both dearly but he tended to be a bit closer to the youngest and I think it was because he saw a female version of himself in her. He use to always tell me to “let her be. She’ll find her own way” or ” that little one definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer” When it came to the oldest he would also say “don’t worry about that one she knows what she wants and where she is going. She might not know it yet but she will”. I have to admit he was right. Their Grandma adored them. I remember one time I was giving the oldest a scolding and the next thing I knew there was my Mom stepping in to defend her and giving me what for. I surrendered. There was also a time when I had to take the oldest to the Hospital for some test and Mom came with us. Well I don’t know what they were doing to her because she was screaming . Grandma to the rescue again. She charged into that  examining room told them to stop, picked up her Granddaughter and we were going home. We Scots tend to be a wee bit protected of kin. One did not argue with my Mom she’d knock you on your butt.

Well there you have it. The ramblings of an aging Father about his Daughters and an inkling of how proud he is of them. They are the best thing I ever did and methinks the Gods truly did smile on me and make me so grateful for having them in my life.




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