I am sick and tired of Yankee Politics  especially now during this Presidential season. Their politics are bad enough at any time, but every 4 years they become a nauseatingly boring farce. The Republican Elephant vs. The Democratic Jackass. That says it all. It is a game of one up man ship between the obscenely rich Republicans and the equally obscene rich Democrats. The rest, if they aren’t  kicked in the britches by the Jackass get stomped on by the Elephant. The only difference being you more than likely will survive being kicked in the ass. When it come to American Politics I wonder what Diogenes would be saying. Likely as not he’d be complaining about the cost of the fuel to keep his lamp lit.  

Politics is learning to master the art of lying. The greater the liar the better the politician. What is so laughable with American Politicians is that none of them know how to tell the subtle lie. Why? because they don’t have to, as the vast majority of the American electorate are ignorant about the world around them. So why be subtle when blatancy works better. If they are caught in a blatant lie they scream that what they said was taken out of context or better yet “Well I merely repeated what Fox News reported”. (Methinks I’m about to up chuck).

As of last night there have been two Presidential Debates and one Vice-Presidential Debate of which I watched none so I shan’t comment on them other than to say I think they are a waste of time and serve no purpose as I see it. The only thing I see is that they give the media that hosts them some small bragging rights and run the ratings up temporarily, which brings in money. Listening to our own Politicians is bad enough but at Yankee Election time our Media jumps on the band waggon and we get inundated with the antics of our southern cousins. I mean it is so bad that our commentators wait eagerly to report if one of the Yankee Candidates mentions Canada. Who gives a damn. I don’t. When are we going to learn that regardless of who becomes President that at some time we will get screwed by the States. At some point they will stick their nose under the tent flap, piss us off but in the end get their way. Ottawa , especially under the Conservatives, will ignore the people and acquiesce to the wishes of Washington and we will end up losing something. We usually do.

So there are twenty days left until the Presidential Election and the world will see if the Devil we know is President or the one we don’t takes command. Either way I just be bloody glad it’s over and things return to their normal messed up way. That is until the next time. As they said in Battle Star Galactica “All this has happened before and will happen again, and again, and again. 


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