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I have decided to express my opinion on a subject that will make absolutely no difference to my life.  SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE. I was born in Scotland 70 years ago but I am as Scottish as a Hockey Puck. Sixty-six years ago my mother, a war widow, remarried. The man who would become my step-father was a Canadian and 65 years ago brought my Mom and I to Canada. My memories of that are dim to say the least. In fact they are pretty well non-existent just vague recollections and stories I was told. I was raised and educated here and but for an accident of birth I am a Canadian.

I am of course proud of my heritage as I carry the name of two great Scottish Clans, Campbell and MacArthur. My biological Father was a Campbell born and raised in Dundee. My step-dad was a Mac Arthur born in Campbellford, Ontario . He was raised in Alberta until the age of 11 when he was sent to live with his maternal grandparents in Chelmsford, England. Both my Dads knew each other (not closely) as they both served together briefly in the 4th Commando stationed in Troon, Scotland. My Father was billeted in my Grandmas house and that is how he met my Mom. My Dad met my Mom once or twice at a local dance and never forgot her. My Father and Mother were married in 1941 and I was born in Sept. 1942. My Father died in North Africa in May of 1944. I never knew him. That a brief synopsis of how I came to be and how I came to Canada on 7th Oct. 1947.

The Independence of Scotland is for the Scottish People to decide not the 20 million descendents of Scots spread across the globe. A couple of years ago I was a member of the Celtic Radio Forum based in the states and to listen to them you would swear it was 1776 all over again. The only difference it was Scotland not the 13 Colonies. I’m sure that Scotland has many complaints about England and the majority from what I have read seem to be financial and of  course there is the cultural difference.  In 1707 the Act of Union was foisted on the Scottish people without a majority consent and in some quarters it has been a festering ulcer causing resentment even until this day, 305 years later. There is also the issue of taxes with Scotland claiming it is not getting its fair share and of course the revenues from the off-shore oil fields. There are those in Scotland who just don’t like the English. After all England has been the hereditary enemy for a thousand years. Get over it.

The Scottish people will make their choice in a couple of years and if the majority choice is independence then so be it. I hope though that they will not become a Republic. My personal choice would be to remain part of the U.K. but renegotiate the conditions. Hell I have ancestors that fought at Bannockburn, on both sides at Culloden, both sides in the American Revolution, The Seven Years War, The Napoleonic Wars, Crimea, WW I, and WWII. they were in all branches of the service and they all served honourably and a lot died. It has been said by many Historians that the Scots gave Britain her Empire. My Father was a career soldier who was in the Royal Armoured Corps. He fought on the Frontier in India in 1937, in the Desert in WW II and died of wounds received in Italy. My Dad was in the Essex Rifles and the 4th Commando in WWII . He was taken Prisoner in 1941 at the fall of Crete. Both Sides of my family have served the U.K. for generations and it would, to me be a shame if Scotland broke away. The choice though remains in the hands, and only the hands of the Scottish people. Whatever the Scots choose it really won’t affect my life. I’ll still be proud of my heritage and I will still have family there.




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