I don’t know that much about the Jewish Faith and to be honest, don’t want to as it like all other religions is superstition. There was an article in the Huffington Post this morning about a Jewish woman being arrested for praying at the Western Wall. It seems this is some sort of No No because the Wall site is controlled by ultra-orthodox Rabbis or to put it simpler misogynistic thugs.  If I am correct this is the last part of the  surrounding wall of the Temple built by Herod the Great left standing after the Romans burnt it and the rest of Jerusalem and it is to the Jews what Mecca is to Muslims or Rome to Catholics.

This woman who was arrested heads a group of Jewish women who pray at the Wall once a month but it seems that they are not allowed to touch or handle the Torah (Jewish Bible) in any fashion for the simple fact that they are women. These orthodox Jews are just as bad as  the Muslim and their attitude towards women. What makes this even worse is that Israel is a Democracy yet their Government seems to live in fear of these bearded archaic minded Rabbis. Another prime example of the hypocrisy of Religion. Millions of Jewish men pray each morning thanking their god for not making them a woman. This from the religion that is the progenitor of both Islam and Christianity.

Then the Lord, God presented woman whom he had fashioned from a rib taken from man. These people actually believe this drivel for it allows them to keep woman subservient in their minds. What it really is, is total disrespect and fear that motivates them to keep women in their place and deny then equality. This Woman of the Wall was arrest a few days ago,  handcuffed, thrown in a cell, stripped search, all on the orders of a Rabbi because she was praying at the Wall and he considered it injurious to the Holy Place.

Any person has the right to their beliefs but when the teaching of their religion subjugate, discriminate, or restrict the freedoms and beliefs of others they become unacceptable and should not be tolerated. What happened to this woman and others like her is religious intolerance and demonstrates the absolute hypocrisy it is shrouded in. Someone once said that the “strength of mankind lies in its’ women.” maybe these bearded, black robed, cowards should take a lesson from that. After all they too were born of woman. 


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