Last night laying in bed closer to asleep than awake my mind started racing down this road towards a large sign post marked PHILOSOPHY. Which is really weird as what I know about philosophy wouldn’t even cover a postage stamp. In fact I had to look it up in the Dictionary to find out the real meaning of it. So a Philosopher I ain’t.

To show my complete ignorance of the subject, outside of existentialism, I don’t even know the names of most philosophies. I think the only reason I know about it is because I watched the movie “The Fountain Head”. The reason I watched the movie was Patricia Neal, methinks at that time in my life I was in love with her. She was not only beautiful but talented. Anyway Ayn Rand espousing the individual over the collective was my first and only brush with existentialism. Now I know the names of the great classical philosopher such as Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and Joe the Bartender, but I really don’t give that much thought to philosophy or philosophers  unless it is connected to History. I do not spend my time pondering the great questions involving existence and the why. My answer to the question “Why are we here “?, is maybe because the Universe wants us here. Why the Universe wants us here I don’t know but if it has a reason it hasn’t told me about it and honestly the rhyme and reason would more than likely be far beyond my comprehension.

From the moment the human animal had its’ first thought it has wondered why. We are after all a most curious species and want to know and understand the reasoning behind everything. It is how we learn and advance. Most things we know or are on the verge of knowing. Other things we don’t know and perhaps never will. Such is the way of things. Like everyone one I have questions most of which I will either never know the answer or if I do won’t be able to fully understand it. We live in this Universe and where it came from we don’t know. Maybe the Big Bang was another Universe giving birth to ours at the hour of its’ ending. Perhaps when this Universe ceases it will give birth to another. I don’t know nor will I more than likely ever know, but then maybe when I die all my questions will be answered. If that is the case don’t know if it will do me any good other than start another round of Why questions. You know this kind of thinking could drive a body whacko. Sure is a hell of a lot of know and knowing going on. Sounds like the Biblical term for sex. OOPS! biblical that brings up bible which brings up Religion. Relax, already.  I am not going off on a rant about religion. Suffice it to say that whenever the human mind couldn’t fathom some phenomena it either gave credit to, or blamed it on God, the Gods, or the Boogeyman.

Throughout Human History there has been great thinkers, Philosophers, Scientists, Mathematicians, all searching for answers to various problems or happenings and as long as we remain curious there always will be those who seek the answers.. Hope one day they find the answer to all their questions. If they don’t, well maybe they are answers that we are never meant to know. No big deal. Life will go on and somewhere someone will be asking questions and being ignored because the Universe is working on the problem of trying to figure out why it brought us into existence.  Oh. yeah, before I go I have a question. Which really did come first the chicken or the egg? 


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