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They say a society is judged by how it treats its’ children and its’ seniors For now I will stick to us Seniors and mainly from a Family point. I am very fortunate in that my Family interferes very little if at all in my life, as I do theirs. I have one big weakness I can’t figure out nor understand finances. A few years ago I got into some difficulty with my money and I had to ask my oldest daughter to help. Well on her advice I got out of the spot I was in and now I can handle what comes my way financially to a certain point. I still don’t understand a lot about it and every now and then I have to ask for some help. Luckily for me she explains it in terms I fathom and off I go happy as a bug in a rug. My family encouraged me to apply for residency in a Senior Citizens Building which I have done and to be honest I’m fine with that. I have not applied for assisted living but for independent living where I will have my own little apartment and can look after myself. I’ve been waiting 18 months now but that O.K as I am still working. So as I said I have no complaints so far. I get my pensions and I do my thing.

 On the other hand I know this lovely older woman(J) who is sadly starting to forget things and is feeling that her family is trying to control her life and perhaps they are but I think it is because they are very concerned. The daughter of this woman has talked to me and expressed some of those concerns and how they feel it would be better if their Mother were some place where there are people to keep an eye on her. This I can fully understand. I saw J to-day and she was on the verge of tears so I asked her what was wrong. It turns out that she is a little bit afraid of going into the Seniors Residence and that it is just her family’s way of getting her out of the way. I don’t know J. or her family that well but from the conversations I have had with her daughter I think they are really concerned. Part of it also is that J. is lonely as she doesn’t seem to have many friends here. I told her that once she is in the residence she will meet all kinds of folks her age and in the same situation. She really lit up when I said that I had applied for an apartment in the same building and that even with her there She will still see me tearing around on my Scooter and whenever I see her I will stop to talk to her.

Me, I’m use to being on my own in fact I rather like it, where I think J. is use to having Family and friends around . My daughters have known from the age of 17 that I will always be there if they need me and I will not pry or interfere in their lives. I have heard of Families that when the parents retire can’t wait to get their hands on their money and will try all kinds of schemes to get their parents to relinquish control. Well I don’t have to worry about that because I haven’t got any money except the government pensions and my daughters aren’t the type. Hell they always tell me I shouldn’t do it   if I give them a few hundred bucks at Xmas. If I don’t spend it on them I’ll just buy more books or movies. Well anyway from my little corner of society this senior is being treated just fine. Although if I’m still around in another 30 years they might be wishing the miserable old fart would croak and give them some peace. 


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