Lately I have been writing about nothing much and doing so out of boredom and of course my old nemeses  Lazy Brain. You would think after all these years I would have beaten that. Alas it still pokes its’ head out from under the sand every now and then much to my chagrin. I think in the past two weeks I have started at least ten postings only to delete then around half way through. They read like some schoolboy writing an essay for grade eight homework. Even the ones I posted do not read that well when I re-visit them a day or so later. Perhaps it is the time of year or maybe just the plain fact that I’m starting to show my age. I don’t know but lately it seems I just don’t give a damn about much. I’m fed up with working and looking forward to being accepted in the Senior Citizens Residence. For the past 17 years I have managed this building dealing with all the issues from non-payment of rent to burst sewer pipes and I’ve had enough. It reminds me more and more of when I was a Sergeant, stuck in the middle and getting it from both ends. To-morrow is rent day and the usual run around will commence and I will still be chasing after rents 3 or 4 days from now. I will politely listen to the excuses which are always the same with it either the pay department where they work or the bank messed up and on the second I will issue eviction notices. Last month one tenant didn’t pay until the 22nd and I know they will be late again this month. It just seems it never ends.

Lately, also, my employers have being acting strange. It is as if there is something going on and they are hiding it from me. For one thing they are being overly nice to me which always raises the hackles on the back of my neck. Of course it could also just be me being the suspicious person I am when people are nice. I always suspect some ulterior motive. One thing that is not helping my disposition is the constant dull rainy weather we are having thanks to Hurricane Sandy making it impossible for me to get out on my scooter. Bad enough that I’m grounded in the winter it is very annoying to be grounded in the fall. This is my favourite time of year, no hot humid weather sucking the energy out of you. Right now and for the next 3 days I will have to put up with it and fight off a bout of Cabin Fever. A week this Sunday, 11 Nov. is Remembrance Day, and I am looking forward to going on Parade to the Cenotaph. It holds special meaning for me as my Father died in WW II, and my step-Dad was a P.O.W. in Germany for 4 years. There are also all my Aunts and Uncles who served in either the British Army or Royal Navy. I also had family who fought and died in WW I. To  me and to many others it is important that those who fought and sacrificed for us be remembered and honoured. I is sad to realize that in another 10 to 15 years none of those gallant young men and women who stood in harms’ way will be here to receive this Nations’ gratitude. What is owed to them can never be repaid. I am a veteran but not of the Great Wars nor of Canada or the Commonwealth, but of a war that was fought by the Americans. I, along with thousands of other Canadians volunteered and fought in Vietnam and to be honest I feel a little out of place standing with those who did so much and gave so much more than I did. Still I am proud of my service and proud of the medals I wear over my left breast. In a way we are all Brothers in Arms.

It seems a bit morbid I think that I actually perked up a bit with the thoughts of Remembrance Day, a day that invokes sorrow but I am so proud of all the young Canadians who “Stand on Guard” for us. They are the best of us all. So now this old guy will close and perhaps with the dawning of a new day shake of this funk and get back to being my crazy old self. After all I still have a lot of life left in these old bones.


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