The year is 2021, Michele Bachman is President, Sarah Palin is Vice President and the World is at war because Michele promised in her campaign to either kill or convert all Muslims and Democrats, and Sarah thought it would be cool to own that piece of property she can see from her house, Russia. Rush Limbaugh  is Head of Homeland Security and Ann Coulter runs the F.B.I. also Fox News is the only T.V. channel allowed. Damn what a Hell of a nightmare. Or is it? Perhaps this is what lays ahead, after all stranger things have happened. The last time God was dragged into the political arena we had the Crusades and we all know what we got from that. A powerful corrupt Church and the Black Death.

Just let your imagination run amok. Romney/Ryan are elected for 2 terms, laying the ground work for all those nut bar evangelicals to gain control. The Republican Party officially changes its’ name to The Tea Party and a revised Ten Commandments ( the 6th is dropped) becomes the law of the land. The title President is replaced by Prophet and the Senate and Congress combine into the largest Synod in the U.S. with Fundamentalism the State Religion. All non-Christians, Homosexuals, Atheists, Scientists ,and Intellectuals  are expelled under penalty of death. Blasphemy, Adultery, and Lewdness are punishable by stoning and of course witches and warlocks are still burnt at the stake. Every American citizen over the age of 10 must carry a firearm at all times and the government reserves the right o nuke any town, village, city, or State that even hints that it disagrees with how the country is run. Not attending weekly prayer meetings result in a minimum of 10 days in the stocks (food and water to be provide by whoever feels like it ). All music, literature, and art must be of a religious nature and any nudity results in tar and feathering.  Hey laugh if you want but these things and worse have been done in the past.

Just look at some of the whackos running for congress on the Republican ticket, Akin, Mourdock, Bachman, Santorum, and Mandel to list a few. If these don’t scare the bejeezus out of you then you are brain dead. There are all kinds of weirdoes in politics. Hell we even have some evangelicals in our Government. Fortunately they know to keep a low profile and anyways the vast majority of Canadians pay them no mind. We are sort of use to eccentrics in government just look at MacKenzie-King.  The yanks are great ones for invoking God, you know “In God We Trust and God Bless the United States”, well God  (if he exists) had better worry more about the rest of his creation if these Bible Thumpers get control. He might wake up one morning and realize that something is missing, The Earth. Anyway I for one am too damn old to start wearing my knees out praying and from what I hear they don’t serve dessert when you are in the stocks.



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