Whatever happened to gentlemanliness , or decency in Politics. I guess it went the way of the Dodo, extinct. Nowadays it is which side can dig up the most dirt on the other and damn if it is true or not. Perhaps the U.S. has the market cornered on dirty politics. I’m surprised they haven’t dug up that someone running for office wet the bed when he or she was young, or so and so farted in church at age 5. Once you enter Politics you can kiss your private life sayonara.

The more powerful the position in politics the dirtier the fight becomes. This can be seen almost daily in this American Presidential Election. Both side seem to go out of their way to find something, anything on their opponent. This ridiculous birth thing about the President, if his name was Bobby Owens instead of Barak Obama there would be no fuss but Barak Obama sounds Arabic and his Father was a Kenyan so he couldn’t be born in the US and he must be a Muslim. Even when certified copies of his birth certificate were produced they were called forgeries. When you are competing  for the position of  leading the most powerful Nation on the Planet all’s fair including blatant lies and hypocrisy. After all nice guys finish last. The strange thing is that under the American system, governmentally, their President has less power than our Prime Minister. I guess the big draw is being Commander in Chief of the most powerful military on Earth and having your finger on the Nuclear Trigger.

There is an article in to-days Toronto Star about how this has been the dirtiest election campaign in recent memory with both side equally to blame and two honourable decent men succumbing to the advice of their respective party hacks. It goes on to say in the area of Flip-flopping Romney has the lead going from ultra-conservative to moderate as the mood hit. Then there is the religion thing. In the US it seems you cannot get elected dog-catcher unless you can convince people you are a God-Fearing Christian and Jesus is your Saviour. It’s enough to make any decent atheist, agnostic, or heathen want to throw up. Leave the guy out of it. If he exists he has bigger worries than the Yankee elections. So three days from now all the lies, innuendo, and pettiness will diminish, the shovels will be put away and either the old or the new will be in power. The world will continue to spin and the yanks will start preparing for the next round in four years. Oh yeah and maybe God can take a vacation and if he’s smart it will be as far from here as possible. If not he can always try Kolob although from what I have heard it’s a bit crowded.



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