The end is in sight. “Tis voting day in that farce called the Presidential Election. At mid-night to-day the Big Top will come down and the rest of the circus will pack up and return to the warehouses where it will sit moulding until the next show in four years. The clowns of all stripe will remove their makeup  exposing their true faces and the Ringmasters’ whip will either be retained by the old  one or handed to the new one. Either way the world will get a much deserved break from the insanity.

Being raised, in and an advocate of, the “Westminster Parliamentary” form of government I find the U.S. Republic, system completely incomprehensible. One can win the popular vote but still lose as something called the Electoral College comes into play. All part of some elaborate scheme of checks and balances. If there is a way to complicate matters trust the Americans to find it. Compared to our system which is really quite simple; there are x number of ridings throughout the country each one representing a seat in Parliament. At election time each party puts forth a candidate for that seat and the party that wins the majority of seat forms the government with the leader of that party as Prime Minister. All cabinet members are chosen by the P.M. and must hold a seat in Parliament. Simple EH!. No electoral college, no President of one party and government of another party. The only problem with our system is the useless Senate which is appointed not elected and which we do not really need. Another good thing about our system is that the elections only go on for about 60 days not a year or more like in the States. Also we have one election for Parliament every 4 years again unlike , the U.S. with its’ Congressional elections every 2 years. How the hell do they get anything done when they are campaigning  half the time.

To-morrow morning the United States is going to wake up with half the population gloating and the other half madder than Hell. The millionaires on the losing side will be trying to figure out how to get their money back while the winning side is making up its’ Xmas list. The amount of money that Americans spend on their election is obscene and immoral. At least under our system there are very strict rules governing what can be spent and where it comes from. Although lately there has been some problems with that. The Americans elect everything, Sheriffs, Judges, Prosecutors, and it wouldn’t surprise me if in certain places the Dog Catcher is Elected. No system of government is perfect in fact perfection would be no government at all, but alas humanity is still to primitive for that but if we must be governed ( and we do) pick a system that is simple and as close to perfection as we can make it. What that is I don’t know as we have tried everything from Tribal Chiefs, to Monarchies, to Dictators, to Elected Leaders but only in America do the elections turn into Circuses. Maybe they should really simplify their system by having Trial by Combat, winner takes all for the next 4 years when a new challenger may enter the ring. Oh yeah no firearms allowed war clubs only, no substitutes, all candidates must register no sooner than 60 days prior to the final contest.  This Trial is to the Death.  


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