My Opinion


“We was Robbed” the battle cry of the Republicans. The whining has begun and the leader seems to be Donald Trump , the leading contestant for the title “Mr. Elephants’ Ass”. This is a prime example of the spoiled little rich kid who can’t get his way. I think the perfect solution for Republicans in the next election is to run Trump and Palin, or Palin and Trump. This would surely result in the final death blow to the Republican Party. Already The Tea Party has proclaimed America Dead by Suicide, Calling for Revolution, and in general proving to the world just what lunatics they really are. Another big farce is all the Republicans who say they are moving to Canada. Yeah O.K. Hey idiots we have everything that you detest, Gay Marriages, Abortion, Gun Control, and Socialized Health Care. What; you really believe we want you up here trying to change what we find a perfectly good system. Don’t need yah. Don’t want yah. Stay south of the border where you can play with your guns and read your bibles and be the bigoted, racist red necks y’all are.

All Politics is a dirty, money, game and  the Americans have raised it  to an Art Form.  The cost of this election could either reach or exceed six billion dollars with the Republicans out doing the Democrats in the amount raised and spent.  No matter how you look at it, this is obscene. It is a blatant attempt, by both sides, to buy the Presidency, but then, when you emulate Rome(193 AD) why not. Now the finger pointing and the blaming will start in earnest with people like Adelson , the Koch bros., and other Republican rich wanting somebody’s ass for all that money spent and no return. Karl Rove comes to mind.

Well the election is over and the Yankees still have a Black Democratic President and don’t you just know how that pisses off all those bible thumping, gun totin’, beer guzzlin’ good old boys. What the Hey; looks good on them and as long as they don’t show up at the border with their U-Hauls full of crap I for one could care less. They are not welcome here, we have our own problems without a bunch of gator hunting, hog killing ,gun making ,duck calling,  wanna be Jeremiah Johnsons showing up at our door step. Don’t need yah. Sure as hell Don’t want yah. Y’all stay tuh home. Yuh hear.  I think I got that right. It’s hard to tell as the Yanks don’t speak proper English.


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