It is two weeks since the American Election and the Republicans are still whining, bitching, and blaming. Get over it . You lost plain and simple. What the hell did you expect when you run a bunch of misogynistic, religious cretins for candidates. Your two party system ,is archaic and whoever came up with this Electoral College should have been hung drawn and quartered.  A candidate garners the majority of votes but doesn’t get the electoral votes so he loses. Hey if someone gets the majority he or she is the winner. That means this is who the people want. It is mind boggling how your system even functions and anything gets accomplished. What with these so called Checks and Balances.

No political system is perfect ,but American Republicanism has got to be the dumbest most complicated ever devised. They campaign for eighteen months, spend hundreds of millions of dollars and then look for any ridiculous reason to contest the results. They could take a few lessons from others around them on how to conduct elections without all the fuss and bother. The U.K. for one or their Northern neighbour where campaigns last sixty days and the amount of money spent is strictly limited. They could also use something like Elections Canada which is an independent non-partisan agency that regulates our Federal Elections nationwide. It is responsible only to Parliament which is not the government. When an election is called Elections Canada send out enumerators to register people to vote and you do not register as belonging to one party or another. It is nobody’s damn business what party you belong to. Here’s another thing they might think about; we use paper ballots marked with an X in pencil. No infamous hanging chards.

We have Romney saying that Obama won because he gave gifts to Blacks and Hispanics, Ryan blaming urban dwellers, Trump screaming for revolution, Orly Taitz still trying to prove Obama isn’t American, and Carl Rove blaming everyone in sight. Of course there are the religious nuts saying it is Gods’ punishment but I know there can’t be a God because if there was he wouldn’t have created so many dumbass people  and put them all in the same place at the same time. Then there are the idiots saying if Obama wins they’re moving to Canada. Yeah Like we really want you troglodytes up here. We have enough problems without a bunch of gun toting Yosemite Sam’s invading us looking for Bugs Bunny. Most of you couldn’t  find Canada on a map anyway. Oh! yeah before I forget. We have Socialized Medicine, Abortion, Gay Marriages, and Gun Control., and pay higher taxes and let’s not forget we have a Queen. Kind of screws things up for you doesn’t it.

Face it you Republicans blew it, mainly because your party hasn’t come to grips with the reality of modern society. You relied on the good old white boys sweeping you into office and forgot that there are a lot more good old white girls who don’t like idiotic statements about rape or being told what they can do with their own body. There is also the ethnic vote which you tried to suppress with almost racists voting restrictions. I guess that was an attempt to bring back “Jim Crow”  well now you have to eat it. Want some hot sauce with it  and a beer to wash the feathers down? I’ll give this though in the eyes of the rest of the world you are the greatest comedy show around.





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