There are times (not often)  when I wish I lived in a simpler age but then those who lived in what I consider to be a better time were more than likely wishing the same thing. We are a dissatisfied species never really content with what we have, always it seems seeking more.

When you look back in History you will come to the conclusion that there never has been a simpler time. From the day our ancestors first fell out of a tree and stood upright there has been something to worry about. Mainly being eaten. Let’s face it from a predators point of view we were a pretty easy meal. We were slower, weaker and have no natural defenses other than hoping we could find a nearby tree that we could climb back up. Even then sometimes what was chasing us could climb just as well if not better. Amazing we survived at all. Well we did and as the eons passed we got smarter and with that intelligence more aggressive. So aggressive that we became the dominate species in our little corner of the Universe.

In 30 or 40 years the young people of to-day will be thinking  how nice it would be to return to the golden days of yesteryear. Those days when life was so simple and easy, forgetting that they are living in those years now and life isn’t so easy or simple. Maybe because I don’t like massive change that life seems very complicated to me now a days. Having witnessed the birth of the Atomic Age, Jet Age, Space Age, and the Computer Age the only thing that’s missing is Spock’s cousins landing in the backyard and who knows that could happen next week. All these changes are great but they seem to be happening too fast and perhaps our technology is outpacing our ability to control it. There are times  I think the first anthropoid that  decided to walk over to the next tree rather than swing should have stayed put, because he sure as hell started something. At some point he more than likely got eaten but by then it was too late. You know the old saying “Monkey see. Monkey do”.

Simpler Times is just another way of defining nostalgia and we all long for quieter more relaxed periods in our lives. Simpler Times is also a state of mind which can be accessed at any time you choose, just lay back and dream. To my generation those dreams take us back to the days of steam locomotives, propeller driven aircraft, black and white T.V., Saturday afternoon matinees, and in some cases horse drawn wagons delivering milk and bread to the front door. Those were also the days of the Cold War with the threat of Atomic annihilation hanging over the world. A-Bomb tests in the southwestern U.S., Siberia, and the Pacific, each one more powerful and deadly than the last. Both sides trying to impress the other with their power while spreading radioactive contamination around the globe. So what one generation thinks of as simpler times the proceeding one knows more as reality. There never has been simpler times, maybe just slower times when things weren’t as hectic and everyone wasn’t hell bent on getting somewhere. If you really want Simpler Times go back 5 million or so years to that simple ape-like creature living in the trees. That is until that one, which there always is, decided to take a walk…..




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