I’m bored and the first reaction I have is let’s bash somebody or something. You know like, Yankees, Religion or Politics. I must admit, when I get into one of these moods I don’t know who or what I like bashing more. I think Religion is my number one bugaboo because I find it utter superstitious tripe but then naw it’s gotta be the Yanks because they make it so easy to bash them. Then there is Politics, especially Politicians because the vast majority of them are idiotic troglodytes  . Actually the perfect solution to this dilemma is to bash Christian Fundamentalist Yankee Politicians (C.F.Y.P.).  Problem solved.

Usually when one bashes C.F.R.P.s it’s Republicans and in the vast number of cases this is so, but other political parties in other countries have them also. We here in the True North have a few sitting in the House of Commons and there has to be more spread throughout the various Provincial Legislatures and most if not  all Conservatives or Reformers. It’s difficult to bash Canadian Fundamentalist Politicians because the few we do have are sensible enough to keep most of that crap private. The odd time one will spout off in Parliament and everyone will be a bit shocked but then ignore the idiot.

Now I’m in a bit of a quandary because  by definition Conservative means to conserve, keep things as they are, do not like change. By that, I should be a Conservative because I don’t like change that much, but I’m a Liberal. Go figure. Admittedly there are some Conservative ideas I like but that falls under the realm of politics and this is about bashing the buggers not my political leanings.  Have you ever noticed that all Conservative. though not cast from the same mould seemed to have been programmed by the same tech. Arrogant, Superior, Condescending, and just plain dumb. A prime example is the mayor of Toronto. This guy would rather coach football than do his job and he thinks there is nothing wrong in that. Perhaps when he played the game as a young man his brain got rattled around once too often.  Any way his Lord Mayor doesn’t quite reach the standards of the American Species of Conservatives, Republicans. It is a tossup between them and the Islamist for who holds title of Primogenitor but seeing that Christianity came before Islam the Republicans have a better claim.

Personally I don’t care what you believe that’s your right just don’t try to shove it down my throat. I’ll only barf  all over you and that’s pretty messy. My Mother when she would scold me use to say I would burn in Hell. To which I would replay “look on the bright side Mom, I’ll be warm in the winter. Her inevitable answer was  “Away wi ye. Ye bluidy wee heathen”.  She use to call me a Heathen a lot, maybe because I am one. I have no truck with these Bible thumping, so called God fearing evangelical hypocrites of any stripe. Their ignorance is an insult to any intelligent person. They are throwbacks to the age of superstition and are hell bent on perpetuating it because they are afraid to take responsibility for their lives. It is always better to have someone or something else to blame. Fate, Karma, Kismet, Imshallah, or God’s Will. Take your pick . Myself I usually say “Hell, did  I screw that up” and get on with it. Guess what? I’m not bored anymore.





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