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The Mad Season (Christmas) is upon us once again and from now until the 8th of January 2013, a great part of  Humanity will go insane. The Secular part will be pummeled by an avalanche of commercials to buy, buy, buy. The Christian part will wear their knees out praying and go hoarse from singing endless rounds of Christmas Carols. We will also be subjected to endless reruns of “A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Christmas Story”. By the way the reference to 8 January for those who do not know is the day after the Orthodox Christian Christmas.

As you will see from the above I am not really into Christmas. I use to be when my daughters were young and I still look forward to being with them over the Holidays. It is more of a Family time for me rather than some Religious Festival or Consumer Orgy. Don’t get me wrong if those are your thing then  that’s fine with me. Because I don’t go in for all the hype at this time of year doesn’t mean everyone should. To each his own. As I have stated numerous times before I have no use for religion but there is one such organization that even though it is founded on religion is the greatest Charity I know of, THE SALVATION ARMY, (SALLY ANN). It is a Christian Protestant denomination but aside from that these people do more to help their fellow beings, irregardless of affiliation, than any other such organization I have heard of. My hat definitely goes off to them. Every year the Sally Ann has a toy collection for less fortunate kids. This year, just a few weeks ago it was announce that someone had stolen $2,000,000.00 worth of toys and other supplies from their warehouse. Some of the scumbags ( it was an inside job) who did this have been apprehended but the vast majority of toys are yet to be recovered.  It almost makes me wish that we lived at a time when the perpetrators of a crime this low would be subject to the vilest most painful punishment. Alas they will be tried, show remorse, and be sentenced to a few years behind bars and then released back into society. Theft is bad enough but to steal from a charity that helps needy kids is abhorrent beyond description. I have to say that the idea of having an open air  prison on Baffin Island looks better to me all the time.

Back to the subject at hand. The Mad Season that springs to life around the American Thanksgiving and hovers over the Earth til about a week after New Year causing inhabitants in certain areas of the world to go insane is the child of corporations dedicated to the enhancement of consumerism and filling their pockets with gold. Before it became Christmas it was the pagan holiday celebrating the Winter Solstices but like many other pagan rituals (Christmas Tree)  was adopted and absorbed into Christianity. Our concept of Santa Clause comes from an American author Clement Moore and his appearance from a Coca Cola add back in the 30s’. On the Religious side nobody knows for sure when the Christ Child was born only that it was probably sometime around the Winter Solstices. As a child I believed in God but like any young boy it annoyed me that I had to go to Mass on Christmas Day, especially if it fell on a week day. I’d wake up Christmas morning tear open my presents and right when I was having fun had to stop get dressed and go to Mass. Couldn’t even have breakfast because I had to take communion and you can’t eat before. Another thing that annoyed me was it was only Mom and I who had to go. My Dad, the lucky bugger, got to stay at home because he wasn’t a Catholic. A lot of times I didn’t like being Catholic, I wanted to be like my Dad. Later when I became a Father I made an attempt to return to the church, mainly for the sake of my girls. It didn’t work out. In fact even my ex. who had also left the church tried but eventually left also.

So now my 70th Mad Season is upon me and luckily I am immune to it. The T.V. abounds with Christmas Specials presented by sponsors who want you to buy their wares. Department stores, and Corporations wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season while raking in the profits and attempting to make you feel guilty because you didn’t buy from them. You know ,show someone how much you love them by giving them a blah,blah, blah, for Christmas. Don’t worry about the cost. That’s what a Credit Card is for. So Happy Holidays everyone and to prove your love for that special someone gift them a $1,200,000,00000 trip to the Moon and back. If that don’t prove your love I don’t know what will.



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