As the New year approaches, just 21 days, I am contemplating what I will Grouse, Muse, or Opinionate about over the next 12 months. The Circus Maximus, (American Election), is over and that source of targets has retreated for another 4 years. Of course the Yanks, their politics and culture are still available. Then there is my favourite bugaboo, Religion, in which there is never a shortage of topics to pontificate on. In the past year I have pretty well stayed away from commenting on Canadian Politics, but methinks that is about to change. One always looks for greener pastures until one realizes that there is a very fertile plot of land right under your nose. It has to be admitted that politics in Canada does have some ripe topics and characters within its’ folds, such as the 10 Premiers and their cronies. Of course the real source of grist for the mill is  Parliament. Not the institution but the numbskulls that get elected to sit there. Of course we cannot forget that illustrious “Body of Second Sober Thought”, The Senate. Now if there ever was a target worthy of siege it has to be the “Upper Chamber”. The “Old Boys Club’ for political hacks has long outlived its’ day and should have been relegated to the dustbin years ago.

We all know that in Parliament there are 3 main Political Parties, The Conservative, who govern, Her Majesty Loyal Opposition the N.D.P.(New Democratic Party),and the Liberals (who got their butts kicked in the last election)  and each has plenty of Benchers worthy of criticism if not outright ridicule. It is also common knowledge that our Parliamentary debates use to have some decorum, but it seems that since the Conservative have gained power that decorum has gone the way of the Dodo. Both the debates and Question Period have become rather rancorous. Add that to the fact that the Harper Conservatives are less open with information than any previous government has been. It could almost be said that the Conservatives are as open to attack as the American Republicans are. Hell they even have some Evangelicals within their ranks. Unfortunately so far they have not provided much fodder as they seem to stay in the background. Every now and then though one of them just can’t stay quiet and lets loose with some foolish absurd comment.

No political system is perfect. Some like ours when applied properly are more perfect than others. When misapplied or abused then it is time for the People to say so and if necessary remove the offenders from office. I for one will be voicing my opinions one way or the other. I am not a political expert but I do know when something smells or doesn’t sit right and I intend to say so. Actually because I was so enthralled with watching and reading about the U.S. Election I missed a few opportunities to critize  some of the screw up of the Conservatives and the elections in Quebec with the old nemesis the P.Q. back to make things miserable for the rest of the country.  Come the New Year I will definitely be paying more attention to what goes on in our Fair Land. Just to make things clear I do not like Stevie and his Boys but I will try to be unbiased by making all party screw ups fair game.



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