My oldest daughter decided she wanted the sink in one of her bathrooms changed because the enamel had chipped and it was rusting so she asked old Dad if I would help her husband replace it. Because I was getting a free meal  (my oldest is a great cook) I jumped at the chance. Now I have changed every Vanity sink in the  building I manage so I can practically do it in my sleep. Well it must be the fact that I was in a strange environment , her house, because what should have been a routine job turned into a comedy of errors and screw ups.

The project started with a trip to Home Depot ( never have figured out how they get Depot out of (DE  POT). I know it’s French. My son-in-law “G”. picked me up at my place around 4:20 pm and off we went heading for the Home Depot on the way to his place. Crossing 12 Mile Creek, (Bronte Creek) we head west towards Burlington turning north on Great Lakes Blvd. which merges with Burloak Rd. It’s called that because half the road is in Oakville and half in Burlington. Kind of makes sense. So far so good ,as we arrive at our first destination park the car and enter the store. Now this is only the second time I have been in this Depot as I use the one in Oakville 99% of the time, so I’m lost. I don’t know didelly squat where anything is. Now you would think that being the super franchise that it is all the stores would be laid out the same way. Yeah O.K who am I kidding. After searching for awhile(I’m getting ready to call Search and Rescue)  we find the bathroom sinks and get what we thought was the one we needed. We read the label on the shelf and the numbers matched what my daughter had found in the internet. Should’ve read the carton. One would think that as we were in the area where the sinks and bathtubs were that the plumbing supplies would be close to hand. No, they it ends up are at the other end of the store. Which according to my calculations was half way to Montreal. I am 5’7″ but when we left the store I had lost an inch from wearing my feet down walking all over the place.

O.K. we have gotten what we need and it’s off to the house. Upon arrival after saying Hi I ask which bathroom because there are 3 of them,2 upstairs and one on the main floor. I am hoping it’s the one on the main because my legs do not like stairs. Guess what? It’s the small bathroom upstairs. By the time I got up there my legs were calling me every profane name in the book. Why can’t they build houses with escalators?  I have now arrived at the job site and proceed to remove the old sink and the first thing I discover is that there are no shut off valves under the sink and we have to turn the water off in the whole house. This will not happen again as luckily I had 2 small valves in my tool box and they are now installed. This is not the end with the valves. Now the first of the screw ups happens. I ask “G” to go down and slowly turn the water back on so I can check for leaks. I don’t know how it happened but while looking for signs of leaking I managed to hit the handle for the cold water valve getting blasted right between the eyes with a stream of water under pressure. I thought I had been shot by a water cannon. I also hit the back of my head on the underside of the vanity top. My daughter who is in her bedroom doing something hears the commotion and comes running asking what happened and if I’m O.K. It is then that she sees the mess. There is water dripping from the ceiling, running down the wall and mirror, all over the vanity top, and her father looks like the cat that fell in the toilet. All I can say is “Sorry”. It is also at this time that she notices that we have the wrong sink. Like I said “should’ve read the carton”. Although she didn’t really get angry methinks she was not to happy. She must have been thinking that the Keystone Kops had invaded her house. Anyway “G” packs up the sink and returns it for exchange. In the mean time I clean up the mess and take the faucets off the old sink only to discover that because I have installed shut offs the faucets will not fit now. Poor “G”, he just returns from the store only to find that he has to go back to get a new set of taps. By this time I am convinced that this job is cursed. Somebody up there doesn’t like me and I’m being punished for all my past transgressions.  Finally “G” returns and I install the taps and sink hook everything up with no further mishap and it’s time to eat. All’s well that ends well and the beef stew was excellent. I know though that at some point in the future this little incident will be brought up in conversation and “Old Dad” will be the butt of a few comments all said in jest. I hope. Anyway I’m an electrician not a plumber.




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