My Opinion


Where have all the Flowers (Children) gone. Long time passing. When will they ever learn” These words from the song have never been more poignant than now with the senseless tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

I am a Father, albeit my daughters are grown women, I am also a veteran and as I watched this horror unfold on the news tears were streaming down my face. I was bawling like a baby. This was “The Slaughter of the Innocents” and when it was announced that the murderer was a 20 year old and had killed himself I thought “If  there is a Hell I hope you are burning in the deepest pit. You Bastard.”Not very sympathetic words but then it goes without saying he deserves none. Now the politicians will spout their well rehearsed line of condolences, “Our Hearts and prayers are with the parents of those poor children.” Well the wearing of ash cloth and all the praying in the world will not bring a single child back. The Republican politicians and the executive of the N.R.A. will all beat their breasts and say what a tragedy but it was the work of a deranged person. Of course it was the act of a deranged person but because of your damned 2d amendment he had access to guns. To you gun cultists  those words scratched on a piece of parchment mean more than the life of a child. How the Hell can you sleep at night. America is a nation born of violence and lives in violence and your Christian teachings say “He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword”, and of course we all know what a good Christian country you are.

I am writing this because as Northern Cousins we are affected by your violence as your obsession with guns pollutes our society also. I thank the Fates that we have stricter gun laws than you but of late even our Conservative (Reform) government has moved to weaken those controls. There is absolutely no logical reason (with a very few exceptions)  for people to own guns especially hand guns.

All the ranting by outsiders such as myself isn’t going to cause the Americans to change. They will all cry mea culpa and in two weeks forget, that is until the next time and all the old platitudes and excuses will be dragged out again to be rehashed. They are addicted to the smell of gunpowder. Instead of making war on the drug cartels maybe they should go after the gun cartels like Colt/Remington  and Glock.

“Where have all the Children gone? Gone to Graveyards everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn”


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