My Opinion


A Gun;-a weapon (tool) used to launch a projectile by means of a contained chemical explosion. A Gun:- a weapon manufactured and used for the express purpose of killing. The Human species is very good at inventing and making better means of killing we have been doing it for millennia . Rocks, clubs, spears arrows, swords, cannon balls, shells, bullets, and let’s not forget the biggie, The Atom”. Yes we are very ingenious when it comes to destruction and slaughter.

Conflict and strife are part of our nature such a part that even three of the Worlds’ leading Religions have recorded, preached, and in many instances condoned it. The Old Testament of the Judeo-Christians abounds in conflict from the recording of the first murder to the destruction and slaughter of entire peoples. The Quran of Islam preaches the making of war to convert the Infidel, and the slaughter of those who will not accept their God, Allah. The Crusades, where for three centuries Christianity and Islam butchered each other in the name of their respective God. Who, by the way was one and the same. It surely seems we like our conflict and in our love of it invented better more efficient means of winning.

War is one thing and evil though it is it is sometimes necessary, but this writing is not about War it is about killing. It is about the fact that there are too many guns easily and readily available to the populace. It is about demented mentally ill individuals who because of lax gun laws can access weapons and go on killing rampages. It is about a system of government that clings  to an outdated amendment to its’ Constitution. It is about gun manufacturers and their lobbyists and about an organization that thinks the right to own a weapon outweighs the lives of people especially children. It is about the United States, its’ 2d Amendment, the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.). It is about a society that was born through violence and has remained so for the 236 years of its’ existence. It is about 200 million privately owned guns. That’s as many guns as the population of Brazil. It’s about a country that has more gun stores than Supermarkets or MacDonald’s. It is about an addiction to the Cult of the Gun. It is about a country where people seem so afraid of their neighbours that they turn their homes into armed forts. It’s about a country where one can walk into a gun show produce a drivers license and walk out with a .50 Calibre Sniper Rifle, AR 15, AK 47, Glock, Uzis, and Colt all semi-automatic some with 30 round clips. No background check no knowing if you’re a criminal or psychotic no waiting period just pay your money then walkout and start shooting. It’s about a country that has Reality Shows about a Gun Smith or a Pawn Shop that deals primarily in firearms.

Guns will never be totally eliminated but there must be tough laws passed by willing politicians to regulate and control them along with the sale of ammunition. Some guns should be banned outright forever because there is no need for anyone other than the military having fully automatic weapons. Crimes committed with guns should be punishable by a minimum of 10 year incarceration at hard labour and although it will upset many the Death Penalty should be enforced. No Insanity Plea, no mitigating circumstances just Death. Who knows, maybe now the U.S. will act and this last senseless “Slaughter of the Innocents” at Sandy Hook will be the wakeup call so desperately needed. Somehow though I doubt it. 


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