My Opinion


In the past few days since the “Tragedy in Newtown”, I have read and listened to the  American Media reporting on the revived debate for Gun Control. More so in the printed media I have notice that “The Loyal and Most Magnificent Order of The Followers of Yosemite Sam” (you know that cartoon yahoo who pursues Bugs Bunny shooting everything in sight) are marshalling their forces and calling upon “GOD” to oppose any restriction on an American Citizens’ right to shoot, maim, or kill. Personally, I could care less if every gun toting Yankee Adult wants to kill each other. Just make sure that the non gun owning people and the children are not in the line of fire. I have a great suggestion for you. Pack up all your weapons and move enmasse to Antarctica and have at it. The last one standing can then have the choice of blowing their own brains out or jumping in a mile deep crevasse. It will of course never happen. To begin with I doubt that the signators of the Treaty to not weaponize the Ice Continent would agree to set the Treaty aside, even for a limited period. Nice dream though.

Among the more stupid responses, and there are many, I read about is having teachers carry guns in school. Hell why stop with the teacher let the students be armed also. That way if a teacher gives a student a hard time they can whip out their hand gun and blow him or her away claiming self defense. Better yet make it mandatory that every person in the U.S. over the age of five must carry a gun. After all the government wouldn’t  want to be accused of age discrimination. You know I wonder if their God, that super being, knew what he was getting when he allowed the U.S. to come into being. Betcha he’s kickin’ himself almost constantly.  In some very small way I feel sorry for the States. After all what other nation has such noteworthy  intellectual citizens as Palin, Perry, Santorum, Akin, Fisher, Limbaugh, Huckabee, Gingrich, and Robertson. The list goes on and on and nauseum. There are other responses being spouted like this happened because we have removed God from public life, this is Gods’ punishment for the sins of the country, or it all the work of lunatic left wingers. Give us a break. It happened and has happened because it is more important for you cretins to settle arguments at the muzzle of a gun. God, If there is one, isn’t punishing you. You are doing this to yourselves. You elect politicians who kowtow to the corporate lobbyists and live in mortal terror of the N.R.A. and who by the way have a combined total I.Q. of 60 and that is only because they can count to twenty by taking their shoes and socks off.

We all know that guns will never be totally eliminated but they must be regulated and controlled and some types banned outright. I am a great fan of good Sci-Fi and I was just thinking who knows in a hundred years we just might have Phasers and Disruptors instead of hand guns, then the Fate protect us. Just think we will be able to set them to full power shoot someone and watch them vapourize. No messy body to get rid of. No body no murder. The sad truth is that even then the N.R.A. and its’ ilk will still be around fighting to keep them de-regulated. I’ve said this before and I’m going to repeat it. Instead of ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” make it “IN GLOCK WE TRUST”.



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