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So the Americans’ are getting into another donnybrook over gun control and the restriction of certain type weapons and extended magazines. Wake me up when it’s over. The same old arguments will be regurgitated and rehashed and the N.R.A. will marshal its’ forces and send out squads of hit men through the halls of the American Senate and Congress cajoling and threatening politicians of all stripe to either support them or lose the next election. It is mind boggling the amount of coercion four million gunslingers can bring to bear and get away with because they use registered lobbyists. These slime crawlers don’t give a damn who or how many get shot as long as they get their thirty pieces of silver. It all boils down “to show me the money. “.

As previously stated I don’t give a damn if every gun carrying Yankee gets’ their asses blown off, it’s their country and their law. They created the problem so it is up to them to either fix it or live with it. The trouble is that their obsession with guns is polluting everyone around them. Almost every week in Toronto someone is either wounded or killed by a handgun, which in most cases has been smuggled into the country from the States. Canadians cannot legally carry a licensed handgun only transport it  unloaded with weapon and magazine locked in separate containers in the trunk of a car to a firing range. The only legitimate  reason to own a hand gun is target practice. Just an aside to show the difference in Canadian and American attitudes to guns. About forty years ago I read an article in the Toronto Star where the journalist had interviewed a O.P.P. Constable and a New York State Trooper, both had over twenty years on their perspective force. One of the questions was “Have you ever had to use your side arm?” The Constable answered no he had never drawn his weapon in the performance of his duty. The Trooper on the other hand answered “yes ,many, many times”.

To get back to the matter at hand. All the condemnation, ranting and raving, by outsiders over American gun laws isn’t going to change things in the U.S. Only they can do that. There are from what I have read two hundred million guns in the country and even if they tore up the second amendment right now they will still have one hell of a big problem. Guns will never be totally banned and there are legitimate reasons for owning certain types such as rifles and shotguns for hunting (although I’m against hunting)but no one needs to own a handgun or an assault type weapon. I personally have seen what an M-16 (AR-15) can do to the human body and believe me to say “it ain’t pretty”  is an understatement. I once came across an enemy soldier who had taken a burst from an M-16 in the chest, his heart, part of his lungs, and spine were on the ground behind him. I wonder if the people who want to own these weapons ever consider that or is it they just don’t give a damn. Every time I think of those children in Sandy Hook I wonder how many of them were torn apart or even recognizable by the impact of such a weapon and the tears start to flow. In the name of the God you so ardently believe in do something to stop this barbaric insanity. 


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