My Opinion


Like a great many outsiders I do not know very much about the National Rifle Association except what I have read or seen in the media. I do know it was started back in the 1870s, to promote better marksmanship amongst American gun owners. Don’t really give a damn why it was started because like all such organization it became political and therein lies the danger. Over the years of its’ existence it has evolved from a type of Gun Club into a Lobbyist for gun manufacturers and owners. The population of the United States is around 315 million and the N.R.A. has roughly 4 million members, less than 1.5 percent of the population. This 4 million strong association has such political clout, especially amongst Republican members of Congress or Senate that they live in fear of it. Go against what the N.R.A. wants and lose political office. This is what passes for Democracy in America. To quote other statistics there are approximately 200 to 300 million privately owned guns in America and 47 percent of households own at least one. That is enough guns to have supplied the armies of both sides in 2 World Wars many times over. I wouldn’t be the least surprise if that were also more guns than used by all armies in the world since the invention of the Hand Cannon. Why by any logical standard would a Nation want that many weapons in the hands of its’ citizenry. That also goes for this country with approximately 6 million guns in a population of 35 million.

There are some legitimate reasons for certain types of guns such as rifles and shot guns for hunting (which I am also against) especially amongst  Aboriginal and Inuit Peoples who hunt to supplement their diet. Even I will admit you stand a better chance of survival against a Polar Bear armed with a rifle than a lance. Hand guns should be banned outright as there is absolutely no reason for an individual to own one. Not even target practice should be an excuse. Also the 3 or 4 events in the Olympics where firearms are used should be dropped as they merely glorify their use. Firearms should only be in the hands of the Military, for defense, and the Police because even with strict gun controls the criminals will always find a way to get and use them.  

 I read somewhere that the Gun Industry in the U.S. is a $6 billion a year business. That is a lot of “Pieces of Silver”. If I were a religious person I’d put “LAPIERRE” up there alongside “JUDAS” in fact I’d have him supplant  the Iscariot because Judas only has the blood of one innocent on his hands where Lapierre as C.E.O. of the N.R.A. has the blood of tens of thousands on his. Really what is the difference between him and all the other murderous scumbags that are part of human history. He might not have actually pulled the trigger but he sure as Hell aided and abetted those who did. He reminds me of another megalomaniac with a French name “NAPOLEON” and like that Emperor will one day find his St. Helena. I wonder if when he dies someone will cut his penis off and sell it. 


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