So to-day is the 25th of December, Xmas Day, and there is no snow on the ground here, which is fine by me as I do not really like that white stuff. The weather reports though are forecasting a large storm heading our way and by to-morrow, Boxing Day, we are going to get the first significant snow fall of the season. I’m going back to bed and stay there until Spring. Now I admit when I was younger I liked snow, it was fun to play in and it definitely made Xmas feel like Xmas. As I got older and more so as I approached my 60th I began to dislike it. Within the next 5 years that dislike turned into loathing. Now it is disgusting stuff. It is cold wet, and defies gravity by flowing up pant legs numbing things in its’ progress. No matter how well one bundles up against it, it still manages to find the most miniscule  of openings and get inside your clothing to chill as it melts on your naked skin. It is a curse sent by the evil Weather Gods to punish those of us who live in Northern Climes. It is the revenge of Boreas for replacing him with a new God, Frosty the Snowman. I don’t care if it gets to be minus 100C outside just keep the fluffy, clingy, white crystalline stuff away.  O.K. that’s my Grinch statement for the year.

On a more serious note, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas. Now I don’t know if this has to do with age, nostalgia, changing weather patterns, or the fact that the further society travels down the road towards civilization the closer we revert to barbarism. By all logic we should be coming more enlightened. It is the early 21st Century, 2012 years since the advent of the Common Era, and it looks like on our climb up the ladder we have slipped and fallen back a rung or two. Twenty-one hundred years of “Upward Mobility” and even with some notable back slides like the Dark Ages, The Black Death, and almost constant warfare we have always managed to creep forward.  Now at the end of 2012 we seem to have stalled. Hatred, War, Fear, Poverty, Disease, and Starvation abound in parts of our world and the rest of us seem to turn a blind eye to the sufferings of our Brothers and Sisters. Oh, we beat our breasts, shed a few tears and regurgitate all the well worn platitudes, then forget and return to our nice comfortable lives more concerned with “ME” and “I”, than with “US”. We are all the same, all One, and whether we like it or not we are “Our Brothers Keeper”.  

I am not naive nor foolish enough to believe that all the Worlds’ problems will or can be solved at once and that our inhumanity towards one another will vanish like a melting snowflake. It will probably take another twenty-one hundred years or more to get to where we should be but hey as the saying goes “A Journey Starts With One Footstep”. So for those of you out there who just might read this don’t scoff to much at this feeble attempt by an “Old Dreamer”. and please do have “A MOST JOYFUL AND PEACEFUL HOLIDAY SEASON.”


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