My Opinion


I now have a new coming up 12 years old Grandson, which I will write about at another time. I jokingly told him that he has to behave around me as I use to be a Sergeant in the Army. He looked at me and said” you were a soldier  answer yes, did you have a gun, answer yes, cool, answer no. why, answer because guns are used for killing and killing isn’t cool. Rapid change of subject to some banal topic. You see I don’t like guns not only because of what they can do but because of the way they make me feel. Holding a perfectly engineered killing tool in my hands make me feel powerful knowing that with the squeeze of the trigger a life is snuffed out. That is not a good feeling to admit to so I just stay away from them. It is the same with me and alcohol, I haven’t drank in merely 40 years because when I sobered up I didn’t like what it did to me.

When I was about 12 I remember asking my Dad why he didn’t go hunting like his cousins and uncles did. His answer was “I’ve been hunted ,so I know how the animal feels” I really didn’t understand that until the first time bullets started to fly in my direction. It ain’t fun. It also isn’t fun after a fire fight shaking like a leaf and throwing up as your body comes down off an adrenalin high. It might have been fun being up there but it sure is the shits coming down at least for me as my body reacts strangely to too much adrenalin, I throw up big time. I react the exact same way to the pain killer Demerol. So you see for me guns are definitely not cool. I have often thought that the majority of people who aren’t hunters and own guns haven’t shot anyone nor do they realize what a high velocity bullet does to the human body, any, body for that matter. The damage it can cause is horrendous. When I was a patient aboard a Navy Hospital ship waiting for evacuation to Japan, there was a young Marine in the bunk across the aisle who had been seriously wounded. He had been shot in the left temple and the bullet had traversed his head exiting the right temple. He not only lost both eyes but he had been lobotomized and lay there a blind drooling vegetable. It would have been far more merciful if it had killed him. There were others, another young man shot in the head and had the left half of his brain removed leaving him paralyzed on the whole right side of his body. Another who would have to undergo countless surgeries while they rebuilt the complete lower part of his face. GUNS AIN’T COOL.

Gun lobbyist say “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” My answer: “Bullshit” the only thing that will stop the bad guy is to make it impossible or as near as impossible for them to get their hands on guns. Ban outright assault type weapons, hand guns, large capacity magazines, and gun shows, abolish the archaic 2nd Amendment and make it easier and faster to do background checks. While you are at it also do something about your Health Care  System so it is easier and less expensive for the Mentally Ill to get help and treatment. Change your laws concerning Lobbyists. Make it so that the only time Gun Lobbyists can operate is when it concerns a military contract. You know there is definitely something wrong in a country that has more Gun Stores than Super Markets or MacDonald’s. 


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