Part II

Ok. we left off with me heading to the Hospital in the ambulance and much to my surprise when I arrived there both my Daughters were waiting outside for me. My oldest must have broken every speed limit in town getting there. There they were waiting, no long faces or worry just big smiles and a Hi Dad. That alone made me feel 100 times better but that only put a small dent in how bad I felt. I wasn’t even in the ER 5 minutes before they were jabbing me with an Nitro-drip IV and had a blood pressure cup crushing my upper left arm and asking questions most of which I don’t remember. It was a good thing that my oldest (from here on I will refer to her as “P”) because she knew more about my medical history than I did. When the Doc showed up and started asking more questions I just looked at her and said ask P she knows more about it than I do. You see all my life I have considered stuff like that irrelevant and it just clutters up my brain so I never paid nor pay much attention to it. My stock answer is usually “I don’t know”. It is a horrible habit that I have developed, selectively shutting out what I don’t want to or can’t be bothered hearing. The Doc was an angel even squeezing my hand at one point. I think for a brief instant in time I was in Love but it passed as she had others to look after. After about an hour things had started to stabilize so P and her sister S headed for home and me, as there was no bed available in ICU I would spend the night in the ER. Have you ever tried to sleep in the ER. For me it was impossible not only because of all the commotion and light but shortly after the girls left I started throwing up which I continued to do for the next 9 hours. It didn’t stop until 5:30 a.m. when they transferred me up to ICU and put me to bed. I was so glad that it had stopped but my stomach was sore as hell and my throat was raw from all the acid and bile I had expelled and I was tired as it had been 24 hours since I last slept. It was here in ICU over the next 18 hours that I would be turned into a human pin cushion. It they weren’t giving me an injection they were drawing blood. At one point I ask the young tech “How many damn Bats do you have in the basement”? because it seems I’m feeding the buggers. Blood Techs are the Daughters of Dracula, I swear. Then there were the patches they stick on you to connect their monitors and ECG recorders. OK they don’t hurt going on. It’s when they took them off. Like I said to them “Hey guys give me a break please. I’ve lost most of the hair on my head can you leave some on my body?. Bloody well felt like a hairless ape. Even after I got home I was finding some of the patched they had missed and had to pull them off along with more hair.

On Wednesday 2 Jan. they sent me to another Hospital , Trillium, for an Angioplasty, which I have had before and I wasn’t looking forward to this. In fact I had a minor disagreement with my Cardiologist about it , which was resolved with a promise of which I will go into in Part III. Meanwhile by 10:00a.m. I’m in the ambulance flying down the Q.E.W. heading for Trillium in Mississauga under a cloud of apprehension and really wishing I was somewhere else. 


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